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Diono Car Seat Instruction Manual - Radian RXT Storm.
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•  Cover restraint when vehicle is parked in direct sunlight.  

Parts of the restraint can become hot and cause injury to a 


•  Do not leave any child in a vehicle alone or unattended by 

an adult.

•  Secure all personal objects inside the vehicle.  In an 

accident loose object can become flying hazards with the 

potential for causing serious injury.

•  Except per the instructions in this manual, do not 

disassemble, attempt to disassemble or tamper with 

any part of this restraint or change the way the restraint 

harness or the vehicle restraint system is used.

•  Do not use restraint if there is any appearance of rust on 

any of the metal surfaces.

•  Do not oil or lubricate any part of the restraint.
•  Release levers and locking bolts should operate smoothly 

and freely.  When release levers are lifted, the release levers 

and locking bolts should spring back immediately and 

completely.  Do not use restraint if release levers and/or 

locking bolts wither bind or do not move freely.

•  When not in use, store restraint properly and avoid placing 

heavy objects on top of it.

To prevent injury to child:

•  Do not use restraint in harness mode if it is older than 

eight years.  Do not use this restraint in booster mode 

if it is older than 10 years.  Manufacture date is on side 

of restraint.

•  Do not use restraint after is has been involved in any 

accident.  Damage to the restraint may have occurred 

which could impair its ability to adequately protect a 


•  This restraint is not a toy.  Do not allow children to play 

with it.

•  Using any non-Diono product with this restraint, or any 

product not specifically approved by Diono for use with 

this restraint, is not allowed.  Use of such products voids 

manufacturer’s warranty and may seriously impact this 

product’s ability to perform properly in an accident.

•  Fill out Emergency Child Information form stored in front 

flap of restraint.