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Diono Car Seat Instruction Manual - Radian RXT Storm.
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•  Do NOT use restraint if release levers or locking bolts 

bind or do not move freely.  When release levers are 

lifted, release levers and locking bolts should spring back 


•  Do NOT oil or lubricate any part of restraint.
•  ALWAYS confirm restraint is locked securely in its unfold-

ed position before each use.

•  To avoid risk of injury, keep others at a safe distance 

during folding and unfolding.

•  Familiarize yourself with restraint unfolding and folding 

operations prior to use.

•  Foreign objects and debris can interfere with proper 

operation of locking mechanism. Before installation, 

confirm both locking bolt and release lever areas are free 

of any debris (see page 44 for cleaning of mechanisms).



Unfolding and Folding Restraint

Unfolding Restraint

1. Place restraint on its 

back on a flat surface 

and unfasten red 

carry strap from 

restraint bottom.  

(Fig. 1)

2. Firmly rotate 

restraint bottom 

until a ‘click’ confirms 

restraint is locked in 

open position.  

(Fig. 2)

Confirm release levers are completely recessed inside their 

housings.  (See page 3 diagram.)  Confirm restraint is locked 

in the open position.  If not, repeat step 2.