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Diono Car Seat Instruction Manual - Pacifica Shadow.
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Seat Belt Information

The information below applies only to installations using 

vehicle seat belts.


•  This restraint can be installed securely in most vehicles 

using the seat belt.  However, some seat belts have an 

anchoring position for the lap belt that may not allow a 

secure restraint installation.

•  Some vehicles do not have any seating positions that 

are compatible with a child restraint.  Read owner’s 

manual to determine child-specific seating.  Contact 

the vehicle manufacturer if you have any doubts or 


Some vehicle seat belts that are NOT compatible with this 

restraint are:

•  Seat belts with top or bottom anchorage points 

attached to the front door.

•  Motor driven automatic seat belts.

•  Non-locking, (ELR) two-point vehicle seat belts.

If your seat belt is of a type listed above, choose another 

seat within the vehicle or use LATCH connectors and 

anchorage points. Information on the types of seat belts in 

your vehicle are in the vehicle owner’s manual.