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Diono Car Seat Instruction Manual - Cambria High Back Booster.
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Diono and the U.S. Department of Transportation warn that children under 12 must ride in 
the rear seats and away from front airbags. The only exception is if the airbag is turned off. 
When using a vehicle with airbags, refer to the vehicle owner’s manual for additional 
booster seat installation instructions and precautions.

WARNING: Only use this booster seat in forward-

facing vehicle seats. DO NOT use this booster seat in 

side-facing or rear-facing seats in vans or station 


Seats which face

sides of vehicle.

Seats which face rear of vehicle.

Cup holders are located on both sides of seat bottom: swivel 
outward to the locked position for use.  Swivel inward to the 
recessed and locked position when not in use.

IMPORTANT:  Do not step on or put excess weight on cup 
holder which could cause it to break.

CAUTION: DO NOT use with hot liquids as this could burn a child.