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Diono Car Seat Instruction Manual - Cambria High Back Booster.
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•  Never leave a child alone in a vehicle, even for a short time.

•  Always secure this booster seat using vehicle seat belt or LATCH anchors even when not 

occupied. In a crash, an unsecured item may cause injury to other vehicle occupants. 

•  Except as described in this manual, do not dissemble or modify any part of this booster 

seat or vehicle seat belt.

•  Register your child restraint with the manufacturer.

•  Do not place anything under the booster seat to raise it off the vehicle seat.

•  This restraint is not a toy.  Do not let a child play with it.

•  Do not leave folding vehicle seats unlatched.  In the event of a sudden stop, a loose seat 

back could prevent the booster seat from protecting the child as well as it should.

•  In the event of an accident, the vehicle body itself provides the most significant 

passenger protection. While a properly installed restraint will improve chances for 
survival in most accidents, a booster seat will not protect a child if the vehicle is too 
severely impacted.

•  Follow all instructions on this child restraint and in the written instructions. To insure 

proper long term use, store this manual under the bottom of the base.


Death or SERIOUS INJURY can occur.