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Diono Car Seat Instruction Manual - Cambria High Back Booster.
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Failure to follow all written instructions and product labels can result in death or serious 

injury in a crash. Carefully read and understand this instruction manual prior to using this 

restraint.  If you have any questions visit diono.com or contact Diono LLC. To insure proper 

long-term use, store this manual under the bottom of the base.

•  Use only with children whose height is between 38” and 63” and whose 

weight is between 40 lbs and 120 lbs.

•  Only use this restraint forward-facing. 

•  Use only the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belt system when restraining 

the child in this booster seat. 

•  NEVER use with only a vehicle lap belt to restrain a child. This could 

result in serious injury or death to a child. 

•  Some vehicle seat belt systems cannot be used with this booster seat. 

Read vehicle owner’s manual and ‘Vehicle Seat Belt Systems’ section of 
this manual.

•  DO NOT use this booster seat without the backrest unless there is 

vehicle headrest for that seating position.

•  DO NOT use this booster seat without the backrest unless proper 

vehicle seat belt placement can be achieved.

•  DO NOT use this booster seat with any other backrest or cushions.

•  To prevent injury due to product deterioration, do not use this booster seat if it has been 

involved in a severe accident or if it is older than ten years.


Death or SERIOUS INJURY can occur.