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De'Longhi Air Conditioners User's Manual - pinguino pac ct90.
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Using the remote control 

Plug into the outlet.
Press the ON/STAND-BY button

(17) (when turned on, the air conditioner starts operating in the

same mode as when it was turned off).
Press the MODE  button (18) to select the required mode:

FAN ONLY (    )

An arrow on the display indicates the selected mode.

Ideal for hot humid weather when you need to cool and dehumidify the room.
In air conditioning mode, use the       buttons to select the desired temperature.
The display shows the set temperature.
To change the fan speed, use the fan button

(16) on the remote control, choosing from the

available speeds:

the appliance automatically selects the most suitable fan speed in relation to the tem-
perature set on the digital display and current room temperature.

the air conditioner operates at maximum to reach the required temperature as rapidly as

reduces noise levels while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

for silent operation and maximum energy efficiency.

Two arrows on the display indicate respectively air-conditioning

and the fan speed.

The most suitable temperature for the room during the summer varies from 24 to 27°C. You are
recommended, however, not to set a temperature much below the outdoor temperature.

Ideal to reduce room humidity (spring and autumn, damp rooms, rainy periods, etc).
In dehumidifying mode, the appliance selects fan speed automatically.
Two arrows on the remote control display indicate      and        respectively.

In fan mode, fan speed can be set by pressing the fan button          (16).
The fan speed changes between the speeds available (LOW/MED/HIGH).
Two arrows on the display indicate the fan mode and the speed set. 
In this mode, the auto speed cannot be selected.

The timer can be used to delay appliance start up or shutdown. This avoids wasting electricity by
not operating the appliance when it is not needed.

How to program delayed shutdown

With the air conditioning unit on, press the timer button        (19). The time is displayed and the
"h" symbol flashes, with a flashing arrow indicating timer shut-down      .

Set the time when you want the appliance to go off using the       buttons (from 30 minutes to
24 hours). During the first ten hours, you can select half hour intervals. For times greater than ten
hours, one hour intervals can be selected.

Press the timer button        (19) again to confirm the selection. The appliance emits a beep and
the light (H) flashes on the control panel, confirming successful activation of the timer. A count-
down of the time left is displayed on the remote control display and the light (H) flashes on the
air conditioner display.


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