Craftsman DISCOVERY 3300 User's Manual

Craftsman Metal Detector User's Manual - DISCOVERY 3300.
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Discovery 3300
is a professional metal
detector. While the most
difficult aspects of metal detecting
have been automated, it is a
sophisticated electronic device which
requires an understanding of some basic
features and metal detecting concepts.

If you do not have prior experience with a
metal detector, we strongly recommend that you:

1) Adjust the Sensitivity to a low setting in the event

of false signals. Always begin use at a reduced
sensitivity level; use at full sensitivity after you have become
familiar with the detector.

2) Do not use indoors.  This detector is for outdoor use only.  Many

household appliances emit electromagnetic energy, which can
interfere with the detector.  If conducting an indoor demonstration,
turn the sensitivity down and keep the search coil away from
appliances such as computers, televisions and microwave ovens.
If your detector beeps erratically, turn off appliances and lights,
especially those with dimmer switches.

Also keep the search coil away from objects containing metal, such
as floors and walls.

3) Read this manual. Most importantly, review the Quick-Start Demo

(p.7-8) and Basic Operation (p. 9-11).

4) Use 9-volt ALKALINE batteries only.  Do not use Heavy Duty


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