Craftsman Assure Link Garage Door Opener Smartphone Control Kit (No service fees, free app download) Owner's Manual (Espanol)

Craftsman Garage Door Openers Owner's Manual (Espanol) - Assure Link Garage Door Opener Smartphone Control Kit (No service fees, free app download).
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MODEL 139.53999

To prevent possible SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH from electrocution:
•  Be sure power is NOT connected BEFORE installing door control.
•  Connect ONLY to 7-28 VOLT low voltage wires. 
To prevent possible SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH from a closing 
garage door:
•   Install door control within sight of garage door, out of reach of 

children at a minimum height of 5 feet (1.5 m), and away from ALL 
moving parts of door.

•   NEVER permit children to operate or play with door control push 

buttons or remote control transmitters.

•   Activate door ONLY when it can be seen clearly, is properly 

adjusted, and there are no obstructions to door travel.

•   ALWAYS keep garage door in sight until completely closed. NEVER 

permit anyone to cross path of closing garage door.

•   DO NOT install this door control on garage door opener systems 

controlling one-piece or swing doors.

To provide an adequate visual alert, the garage door opener light 
bulb(s) MUST be a minimum of 40 Watt (or equivalent).

This kit includes the Assurelink™ Control Panel model 41a7928-1 and the 
Assurelink™ Internet Gateway model 41A7665. The control panel is 
intended to be installed with Craftsman® Security✚™ Garage Door 
Openers manufactured between 1998 and present. The Assurelink™ 
Control Panel is NOT compatible with Security✚ 2.0™ Garage Door 
Openers. DO NOT install this door control on garage door opener 
systems controlling one-piece or swing doors.


The Assurelink™ Control Panel offers a quick and convenient way to add 
Assurelink™ technology to your existing garage door opener. Assurelink™ 
technology uses a 900MHz signal to provide two-way communication 
between the garage door opener and Assurelink™ enabled accessories. 
When programmed to the Assurelink™ Internet Gateway you can monitor 
and control your garage door from any internet enabled computer or 
smartphone. You may program up to 12 Assurelink™ remote controls, 2 
Assurelink™ keyless entries and a combination of 16 Assurelink™ 
accessories to the Assurelink™ control panel. For full compatibility, see 
page 4.


Install the control panel in place of the existing door control. Due to 
power consumption the control panel cannot be used in conjunction with 
another wired door control connected to your garage door opener. If an 
additional door control is needed, the wireless door control model 
 can be programmed to the control panel. To program the 
41A7773-1 to the control panel, follow the remote control programming 
steps. When in battery back-up mode, any feature using unattended 
operation such as Timer-to-Close, closure from a garage door and gate 
monitor or remote operation utilizing the Assurelink™ Internet Gateway 
will be disabled.
  1.   Disconnect all electrical and battery power (if applicable) to the 

garage door opener.

  2.  Remove the existing door control from the wall.
  3.   Note the polarity of the wires connected to the existing door 



  • Label the wire connected to the RED terminal.


  • Label the wire connected to the WHITE terminal.


Disconnect the wires from the existing door control.

  4.   Connect the wires to the new control panel. Make sure the polarity 

is correct.


  • Red wire to the R terminal.


  • White wire to the W terminal.

  5.  Mount the control panel to the wall.
  6.   Reconnect power. The yellow command LED and the red learn LED 

will blink quickly for up to 5 minutes as the control panel 
recharges. When the control panel is operational, the yellow 
command LED will glow steadily.

  7.   To test the control panel, press the push bar to activate the garage 

door opener.


Existing Door Control

Discard, donate 
or recycle

Wire from 
RED terminal

RED wire to 
R terminal

Wire from 

wire to W 

Assurelink™ Control Panel


 If the yellow command LED does not turn on, reverse the wires 
connected to the R and W terminals of the control panel. Replace 
wire if necessary.


 If yellow and red LEDs are blinking slowly, the control panel is not 
compatible with your garage door opener.


 If the yellow and red LEDs are blinking quickly, the control panel is 
charging, and may take up to 5 minutes to become operational.


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