Craftsman 6-Drawer Premium Heavy-Duty Side Cabinet - Black Owner's Manual

Craftsman Side Chests Owner's Manual - 6-Drawer Premium Heavy-Duty Side Cabinet - Black.
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Please indicate the following information 
from the service part drawing provided. 

Model Number:______________________

Model Description:___________________

*Your model may vary from the one shown. 

CAUTION: Read and follow all Safety 
Rules and Operating Instructions before 
first use of this product. 

Distributed by Sears Brands 
Management Corporation, 
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179  USA


• DO NOT STAND in or on unit. Failure to adhere to this warning may cause unit to 
  become unstable and tip, resulting in personal injury.
• WEAR SAFETY GLASSES when removing and repositioning slides. Screw driver could 
  slip or metal shavings could be produced, possibly causing personal injury.
• USE CAUTION when opening multiple drawers, unit may become unstable and tip, 
  causing product damage or personal injury.
• DO NOT MOUNT unit on truck bed or any other moving object. Failure to adhere to this
  warning may void warranty and cause damage to unit or personal injury.
• DO NOT STEP in or on drawers. Unit may become unstable and tip resulting in damage
  to unit or personal injury.
• USE EXTREME CAUTION if moving unit with forklift. Unit could fall causing personal
  injury or product damage.
• DO NOT ALTER unit in any manner, for example, do not weld external lock bars or
  dollies onto unit. Failure to adhere to this warning may cause damage to unit or
  personal injury.
• MAXIMUM LOAD capacity for each drawer is 100 pounds.
• A HEAVY DUTY side cabinet must be used on an equally heavy duty cart.
• Lock the drawers before moving this product. The drawers could come open and make
  the product unstable and tip, which may cause personal injury or product damage.


Call 1-800-366-7278 for

Service Parts. 

Refer to Service Parts Drawing for full 

listing of Service Parts.

Note: The hanging brackets and bumpers can
be mounted to either side of the cabinet.

• Choose which side of the unit you want to
  mount the side cabinet.
• Remove the paper backing from the bumpers.
• Place the bumpers along the bottom edge of
  the cabinet.
• Attach the top bracket to the side cabinet using
  three #14-10 x 3/4” cap screws.
• Hook the lip of bracket on the top flange of the


Bumper (2)

Screw (3)

• Empty the drawer.
• Fully extend the drawer.
• Lift the release lever on the right side, while
  depressing the lever on the left side
  (this allows the slides to ride over the stops).
  Pull the drawer out to remove.
• To reinstall, push the drawer into the unit until
  the drawer stops.

Release Lever

Release Lever

• Lubricate the slides, (twice yearly).
• Lubricate lock with graphite, (yearly).
• Periodically the drawer fronts, drawer trim, and
  other surfaces should be cleaned with a mild
  detergent and water.
• Auto wax will preserve the storage unit’s luster finish.
  Apply the wax as to a car. The wax will also help
  protect the unit against scratches.
• Grease and oil can be removed with most standard
  cleaning fluids. For safety, use a nonflammable
  cleaning fluid. 

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