Craftsman 3-Drawer Workbench Module - Red/Black Instruction Manual

Craftsman Garage Storage Instruction Manual - 3-Drawer Workbench Module - Red/Black.
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MODEL # 14926 & 14927


Locating Model # information

Model numbers and other information required for service parts is 

located on a white label on the upper right hand corner of the unit.


• weight of the unit is 63 lbs.
• The maximum weight for Drawer should be no more than  

35 lbs.

•  Periodically the surfaces should be cleaned with a mild 

detergent and water.

•  Grease and oil can be removed with most standard cleaning 

fluids. For safety, use a nonflammable cleaning fluid.

•  Auto wax wil  preserve the unit’s luster finish. Apply the wax as to 

a car. The wax wil  also help protect the unit against scratches.

•  Lubricate the slides with grease or equivalent, (twice yearly).


service parts



is used to indicate a hazardous 

situation which, if not avoided, will result in serious injury 

or death.


indicates a hazardous situation which,

if not avoided, could result in serious injury or death.

  caution is used to indicate a hazardous situation 

which, if not avoided, may result in minor injury, moderate 

injury, or property damage.


caution: Read and follow all Safety Rules and 

Operating Instructions before first use of this product.




Do not stand on this product. you may fall which may  

  cause personal injury.


Do not mount this product on a truck bed or any  


    other moving object. This may cause personal injury or    

    product Damage.

    •  Appropriately secure this product before moving it with  

    a forklift.


Do not tow with power equipment. The product could   

    tip, which may cause personal injury or product damage.


Do not step in the drawers. you may fall which may 

cause personal injury.

•  use appropriate safety equipment when    

  using power and hand tools. Failure to do so may cause    

  personal injury or product damage.


use aDequate ManpoWer when assembling  

    and moving this unit. Failure to do so may cause personal 

    injury or product damage. 


Do not alter this product in any manner. This may    

    cause product damage or personal injury.


unit Must Be located on a level surface. The  


    product may become unstable and tip if stored or moved    

    on an un-level surface, which may cause personal injury  

    or product damage.


•  Be carefuL when opening more than one drawer.  

The product may become unstable and tip, which may  

cause personal injury or product damage. 

Sears Brands Management corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179  USA

caLL 1-800-366-7278 for service parts. Refer to Service 

Parts Drawing for full listing of Service Parts. Please provide the 

Model Number when calling.

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