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Coleman Range User's Manual - DUAL STOVE 424.
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DANGER indicates an imminently hazardous 
situation which, if not avoided, will result in 
death or serious injury.

  This manual contains important information about 
the assembly, operation and maintenance of this 
outdoor liquid fueled appliance. General safety 
information is presented on this page and is also 
located throughout these instructions. Particular 
attention should be paid to information accompa-
nied by the safety alert symbol “     DANGER”,
“     WARNING”, “     CAUTION”.

  Keep this manual for future reference and 
to educate new users of this product. This manual 
should be read in conjunction with the labeling on 
the product.

  Safety precautions are essential when any 
Coleman® fueled equipment is involved. These 
precautions are necessary when using, storing, 
and servicing. Using this equipment with the 
respect and caution demanded will reduce the 
possibilities of personal injury or property damage.

  The following symbols shown below are used 
extensively throughout these instructions. Always 
heed these precautions, as they are essential when 
using any Coleman® fueled equipment .

   WARNING: This fuel, and by products of 
combustion of this fuel, contain chemicals known 
to the state of California to cause cancer, birth 
defects, or other reproductive harm.


CAUTION indicates a potentially hazardous
situation which, if not avoided, may result in 
minor or moderate personal injury, or
property damage.

Failure to comply with the precautions and 
instructions provided with these stoves can 
result in death, serious bodily injury and prop-
erty loss or damage from hazards of fi re, explo-
sion, burn, asphyxiation, and/or carbon
monoxide poisoning. 

Only persons who can understand and follow 
the instructions should use or service
these stoves.

If you need assistance or information such as 
an instruction manual or labels, contact
The Coleman Company, Inc.


Do not store or use
gasoline or other liquids 
with fl ammable  vapors 
in the vicinity of this or 
any other appliance.





• This appliance can 

produce carbon mon-
oxide which has no 

• Using it in an enclosed 

space can kill you.

• Never use this appli-

ance in an enclosed 
space such as a camp-
er, tent, car or home.


WARNING indicates a potentially hazardous 
situation which, if not avoided, could result in 
death or serious injury.