Coleman DUAL STOVE 424 User's Manual

Coleman Range User's Manual - DUAL STOVE 424.
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Dual FuelTM Stoves
Instructions for use

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CONSUMER/USER: This instruction manual 
contains important information necessary for the 
proper assembly and safe use of the appliance.  
Read and follow all warnings and instructions before 
assembling and using the appliance.  Follow all 
warnings and instructions when using the appliance. 
Keep this manual for future reference.
If you have questions about assembly, operation, servicing or repair of this 
appliance, please call Coleman at 1-800-835-3278 or TDD: 1-316-832-8707. In 
Canada call 1-800-387-6161.

428, 424, 414 Standard Ignition

414, 424 Electronic Ignition