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Coleman Coffee Makers User's Manual - 5008-700.
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1. Place Coffeemaker directly over

one of the burners of a two- or 
three-burner Coleman Camp-
stove as shown in Figure 1.

2. Open the swing-out filter bas-

ket and insert an 8-12 basket 
style filter.

3. Add desired amount of coffee, 

referring to the Coffee 
Measurement Chart below. 
Shake lightly to level the coffee.

4. Be sure the paper filter is

centered before closing the
filter basket.

5. Fill the decanter with cold 

water to the desired capacity 
as marked on the decanter.
(1 cup = 5 oz.)

6. Pour the water into the water

reservoir and place the empty decanter onto the warming plate.
Be sure decanter is pressed against the Pause ’N Serve lever to 
allow coffee to flow into decanter.

7. Be sure decanter is centered over the warming plate between the two

marks. This keeps the handle cool to the touch.

8. Light campstove burner as advised by Campstove Instruction Manual. 

Monitor progress of coffee brewing. Never leave a lit campstove

9. Once coffee stops flowing, the brewing cycle is complete. Turn stove

burner off and serve coffee!

10. After coffeemaker has cooled, remove paper filter and coffee grounds 

and dispose of properly.

NOTE: The filter basket can be removed by swinging it open to the right,
lifting the basket up and pulling the bottom of the basket out. Rinse the
basket and replace by inserting the top post of the basket into the cof-
feemaker first.

WARNING: To avoid risk of personal injury or damage to property as

a result of overflow, be sure the decanter is squarely centered under
the filter basket during the brew cycle. Brewed coffee and grounds,
both in the filter basket and decanter, are very hot.  Handle with care to
avoid scalding. If filter basket overflows, or if it fails to drain into decanter
during brewing cycle, do not open or handle filter basket. Turn stove
burner off and wait for contents to cool before handling.