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Coleman Coffee Makers User's Manual - 5008-700.
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Read and follow all Coffeemaker Instructions.
Read and follow all Stove & Fuel Instructions for
Use. For Outdoor Use Only.


1. Always operate campstove on a level surface.
2. Use only on two- and three-burner campstoves. Never use this 

product on single burner stoves. Never use on electric ovens.

3. Never use this product on a Gas or Charcoal Grill.
4. Never use this product on a stove burner rated in excess of

15,000 BTUs.

5. Be sure coffeemaker is placed on stove in a stable manner before

lighting stove.

6. Always set coffeemaker onto stove & pour water into reservoir prior

to lighting burner.

7. Never leave stove burner on after coffee has finished brewing.
8. Close adult supervision is necessary while brewing coffee on a


9. Do not touch hot surfaces. Allow coffeemaker to cool before


Decanter Use & Care:
• Uses various brands of replacement decanters including:

Coleman® 5008-5211 or Mr. Coffee® PD13 (Black).

• Never place decanter directly onto a campstove burner surface.
• Never place decanter onto a kitchen range, oven or in a microwave.
• Never set a hot decanter on a wet or cold surface.
• Do not use a cracked decanter or one with a loose or weakened


• Do not clean decanter with cleansers, steel wool pads or other

abrasive materials. Instead use a mild, non-abrasive detergent.

• Avoid sharp blows, scratches and rough handling.
• Discard decanter immediately if it is ever boiled dry.
• Replacement decanters found where Mr. Coffee® Coffeemakers

are sold.



• Brews coffee on a two- or three-burner campstove.
• Large 10-cup capacity brewing.
• Swing-out filter basket removes for easy cleaning.
• Can’t wait for it to finish? With the Pause ’N Serve feature, pour your-

self a cup of coffee while brewing without making a mess.


Before using your Coffeemaker for the first time, wash decanter, lid and
removable filter basket using a mild, nonabrasive detergent and water.
Rinse thoroughly.