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Champion Power Equipment Generators Owner's Manual - Model 41537.
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Model 41537
3 REV 41537-20140425
Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide, a
colorless, odorless, poison gas. Breathing carbon
monoxide will cause nausea, dizziness, fainting or
death. If you start to feel dizzy or weak, get to fresh
air immediately.
Operate generator outdoors only in a well ventilated
DO NOT operate the generator inside any building,
including garages, basements, crawlspaces and
sheds, enclosure or compartment, including the
generator compartment of a recreational vehicle.
DO NOT allow exhaust fumes to enter a confined
area through windows, doors, vents or other
DANGER CARBON MONOXIDE: using a generator
Rotating parts can entangle hands, feet, hair,
clothing and/or accessories.
Traumatic amputation or severe laceration can result.
Keep hands and feet away from rotating parts.
Tie up long hair and remove jewelry.
Operate equipment with guards in place.
DO NOT wear loose-fitting clothing, dangling
drawstrings or items that could become caught.
Generator produces powerful voltage.
DO NOT touch bare wires or receptacles.
DO NOT use electrical cords that are worn, damaged
or frayed.
DO NOT operate generator in wet weather.
DO NOT allow children or unqualified persons to
operate or service the generator
Use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in damp
areas and areas containing conductive material such
as metal decking.
Use approved transfer equipment to isolate generator
from your electric utility and Notify your utility
company before connecting your generator to your
power system.
Sparks can result in fire or electrical shock.
When servicing the generator:
Disconnect the spark plug wire and place it where it
cannot contact the plug.
DO NOT check for spark with the plug removed.
Use only approved spark plug testers.
Running engines produce heat. Severe burns can
occur on contact.
Combustible material can catch fire on contact.
DO NOT touch hot surfaces.
Avoid contact with hot exhaust gases.
Allow equipment to cool before touching.
Maintain at least 3 ft. (91.4 cm) of clearance on all
sides to ensure adequate cooling.
Maintain at least 5 ft. (1.5 m) of clearance from
combustible materials.
Medical and Life Support Uses.
In case of emergency, call 911 immediately.
NEVER use this product to power life support
devices or life support appliances.
NEVER use this product to power medical devices
or medical appliances.
Inform your electricity provider immediately if you
or anyone in your household depends on electrical
equipment to live.
Inform your electrical provider immediately if a
loss of power would cause you or anyone in your
household to experience a medical emergency.
The engine exhaust from this product contains
chemicals known to the state of California to cause
cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
Read this manual thoroughly before operating your
generator. Failure to follow instructions could result
in serious injury or death.

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