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Champion Power Equipment Generators Owner's Manual - Model 41537.
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REV 41537-20140425  



The owner/operator is responsible for all periodic 

Complete all scheduled maintenance in a timely manner. 
Correct any issue before operating the generator.

Never operate a damaged or defective generator.

Tampering with the factory set governor will void 
your warranty.

Engine Maintenance
To prevent accidental starting, remove and ground spark 
plug wire before performing any service.

Change oil when the engine is warm. Refer to the oil 
specification to select the proper grade of oil for your 
operating environment.
1.  Remove the oil drain plug with a 15 mm socket and 


2.  Allow the oil to drain completely.
3.  Replace the drain plug.
4.  Remove oil fill cap/dipstick to add oil.
5.  Add 1.2 qt. (1.1 L) of oil and replace oil fill 

cap/dipstick. DO NOT OVERFILL.

6.  Dispose of used oil at an approved waste 

management facility.

Air filter
1.  Remove the snap-on cover holding the air filter to 

the assembly.

2.  Remove the foam element. 
3.  Wash in liquid detergent and water. Squeeze 

thoroughly dry in a clean cloth.

4.  Saturate in clean engine oil. 
5.  Squeeze in a clean, absorbent cloth to remove all 

excess oil.

6.  Place the filter in the assembly.
7.  Reattach the air filter cover and snap in place.

Spark Plugs
1.  Remove the spark plug cable from the spark plug.
2.  Use the spark plug tool that shipped with your 

generator to remove the plug.

3.  Inspect the electrode on the plug. It must be clean and 

not worn to produce the spark required for ignition.

4.  Make certain the spark plug gap is 0.7 - 0.8 mm or 

(0.028 - 0.031 in.).

5.  Refer to the spark plug recommendation chart when 

replacing the plug.

6.  Carefully thread the plug into the engine.
7.  Use the spark plug tool to firmly install the plug.
8.  Attach the spark plug wire to the plug.

For service or parts assistance, contact our help 
line at 



Maintenance, replacement, or repair of emission 
control devices and systems may be performed 
by any non-road engine repair establishment or 




Improper maintenance will void your warranty.


Oil Cont’d.

0.7 - 0.8 mm

0.028 - 0.031 in.


Once oil has been added, a visual check should show 
oil about 1-2 threads from running out of the fill hole.
If using the dipstick to check oil level, DO NOT screw 
in the dipstick while checking.


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