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Champion Power Equipment Generators Owner's Manual - Model 41537.
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REV 41537-20140425  




Add fuel Cont’d.

Your generator must be properly connected to an 
appropriate ground to help prevent electric shock.

A ground terminal connected to the frame of the generator 
has been provided on the power panel. For remote 
grounding, connect of a length of heavy gauge  
(12 AWG minimum) copper wire between the generator 
ground terminal and a copper rod driven into the ground. 
We strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified 
electrician to ensure compliance with local electrical codes.

Failure to properly ground the generator can result 
in electric shock.


Our engines work well with 10% or less ethanol 
blend fuels. When using blended fuels there are 
some issues worth noting: 


– Ethanol-gasoline blends can absorb more water 

than gasoline alone. 


– These blends can eventually separate, leaving 

water or a watery goo in the tank, fuel valve and 


– With gravity-fed fuel supplies, this compromised 

fuel can be drawn into the carburetor and cause 
damage to the engine and/or potential hazards. 


– There are only a few suppliers of fuel stabilizer 

that are formulated to work with ethanol blend 


– Any damages or hazards caused by using 

improper fuel, improperly stored fuel, and/
or improperly formulated stabilizers, are not 
covered by manufacture’s warranty. 

It is advisable to always shut off the fuel supply, 
run the engine to fuel starvation and drain the tank 
when the equipment is not in use for more than 30 


Add fuel
1.  Use clean, fresh, regular unleaded fuel with a 

minimum octane rating of 85 and an ethanol content 
of less than 10% by volume.

2.  DO NOT mix oil with fuel.
3.  Clean the area around the fuel cap. 
4.  Remove the fuel cap.
5.  Slowly add fuel to the tank. DO NOT OVERFILL. 

Fuel can expand after filling. A minimum of ¼ 
in. (6.4 mm) of space left in the tank is required 
for fuel expansion, more than ¼ in. (6.4 mm) is 
recommended. Fuel can be forced out of the tank as 
a result of expansion if it is overfilled, and can affect 
the stable running condition of the product. When 
filling the tank, it is recommended to leave enough 
space for the fuel to expand.

6.  Screw on the fuel cap and wipe away any spilled fuel.

Use regular unleaded gasoline with a minimum 
octane rating of 85.

Do not mix oil and gasoline.
Fill tank to approximately ¼ in. (6.4 mm) below the 
top of the tank to allow for fuel expansion.
DO NOT pump gas directly into the generator at the 
gas station. Use an approved container to transfer 
the fuel to the generator.
DO NOT fill fuel tank indoors.
DO NOT fill fuel tank when the engine is running or hot.
DO NOT overfill the fuel tank.
DO NOT light cigarettes or smoke when filling the 
fuel tank.


Pouring fuel too fast through the fuel screen may 
result in blow back of fuel at the operator while fil ing.


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