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Champion Power Equipment Generators Owner's Manual - Model 41534.
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REV 41534-20140124  




Improper treatment or use of the generator can 
damage it, shorten its life and void your warranty.

Use the generator only for intended uses.
Operate only on level surfaces.
DO NOT expose generator to excessive moisture, 
dust, or dirt.
DO NOT allow any material to block the cooling slots.
If connected devices overheat, turn them off and 
disconnect them from the generator.
DO NOT use the generator if:


– Electrical output is lost


– Equipment sparks, smokes or emits flames


– Equipment vibrates excessively


Rapid retraction of the starter cord will pull hand and 
arm towards the engine faster than you can let go. 
Unintentional startup can result in entanglement, 
traumatic amputation or laceration.  
Broken bones, fractures, bruises or sprains could result.

When starting engine, pull the starter cord slowly 
until resistance is felt and then pull rapidly to avoid 
DO NOT start or stop the engine with electrical 
devices plugged in.


Exceeding the generator’s running capacity can 
damage the generator and/or electrical devices 
connected to it.

DO NOT overload the generator.
Start the generator and allow the engine to stabilize 
before connecting electrical loads.
Connect electrical equipment in the off position, 
and then turn them on for operation.
Turn electrical equipment off and disconnect before 
stopping the generator.
DO NOT tamper with the governed speed. 
DO NOT modify the generator in any way.


Operation of this equipment may create sparks that 

can start fires around dry vegetation.

A spark arrestor may be required. The operator 

should contact local fire agencies for laws or 

regulations relating to fire prevention requirements.


Fuel and fuel vapors are highly flammable and 
extremely explosive. 
Fire or explosion can cause severe burns or death.  
Unintentional startup can result in entanglement, 
traumatic amputation or laceration. 

When adding or removing fuel:
Turn the generator off and let it cool for at least two 
minutes before removing the fuel cap. Loosen the 
cap slowly to relieve pressure in the tank.
Only fill or drain fuel outdoors in a wel -ventilated area.
DO NOT pump gas directly into the generator at the 
gas station. Use an approved container to transfer 
the fuel to the generator.
DO NOT overfill the fuel tank.
Always keep fuel away from sparks, open flames, 
pilot lights, heat and other sources of ignition.
DO NOT light or smoke cigarettes.
When starting the generator:
DO NOT attempt to start a damaged generator. 
Make certain that the gas cap, air filter, spark plug, 
fuel lines and exhaust system are properly in place.
Allow spilled fuel to evaporate fully before 
attempting to start the engine.
Make certain that the generator is resting firmly on 
level ground.
When operating the generator:
DO NOT move or tip the generator during operation.
DO NOT tip the generator or allow fuel or oil to spill.
When transporting or servicing the generator:
Make certain that the fuel shutoff valve is in the off 
position and the fuel tank is empty.
Disconnect the spark plug wire.
When storing the generator:
Store away from sparks, open flames, pilot lights, 
heat and other sources of ignition.


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