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The Flotronic™ Plus Chiller Com-
bines These Extra-Performance Fea-
tures for Increased Energy Savings:
microprocessor-based control
electronic expansion valve
increased part-load efficiency
multiple compressors extra ca-
pacity steps
30HR,HS units are designed
for easy installation and
Starting with installation, these ma-
chines keep costs low. Each is
completely factory engineered and
assembled to ensure a perfectly bal-
anced refrigeration system that can be
installed with minimal field labor.
Only external fluid and power connec-
tions need to be completed at the
jobsite to make the fluid-cooled (30HR)
units operational. Condenserless (30HS)
units require the addition of a remote
The 30HR model is a packaged
unit complete with cooler, condensers,
compressors, controls, refrigerant
and oil charge, and internal piping and
wiring. The 30HS unit is a condens-
erless version of the basic 30HR,
shipped with a holding charge of refrig-
erant and specially designed for ap-
plications with remote fluid- or
air-cooled, or evaporative type, con-
densers. All the easy-rigging 30H
series chillers are extremely trim and
compact. They can pass easily
through standard doorways, and re-
quire minimal floor space on the job.
Model E
Reciprocating Liquid Chillers
Nominal Capacities:
70 to 160 Tons (250 to 560 kW)
Copyright 1994 Carrier Corporation Form 30HR,HS-4PD
Rated in accordance with
ARI Standard 590-92.
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