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353AAV Plus 90x
4--Way Multipoise Condensing Gas Furnace
Input Rates: 40,000 Only
Product Data
The Plus 90x is an exciting addition to your product line. This
high--efficiency 4--way multipoise design furnace allows more
applications while the ECM motor and Bryant’s control logic
combine to provide a SEER increase of up to 1.5 points.*
Some of Bryant’s best--engineered components contribute to the
efficient performance of this condensing furnace. The Plus 90x
utilizes Power Lightt hot surface ignition (HSI), which ignites
the burners directly. HSI eliminates gas waste that typical
continuous--pilot designs can bring. Hot surface ignition has
proven to contribute to reliable start--up and operation of Bryant
Another deluxe feature included with this furnace is Bryant’s
trusted Everlastict secondary heat exchanger; a patented
polypropylene laminate that provides exceptional heat transfer
and corrosion resistance. Using the exclusive flow--through
design, the secondary heat exchanger reduces the pressure drop in
the furnace resulting in lower electrical usage. The high
efficiency achieved by superior heat transfer is made only
better—by optimizing the efficient ECM motor speed tap
A standard media filter cabinet accessory is provided with the
Plus 90x in order to provide an opportunity to enhance indoor air
quality. As with all other Bryant furnaces, this model is designed
to work as a part of the total home comfort system which includes
elements for cooling, air cleaning, humidification, ventilation and
zoning. Boosting the unit’s efficiency with the ECM motor and
Bryant’s deluxe features show the Plus 90x has been designed
with the homeowner in mind.
Exclusive Everlastic coating, a patented
polypropylene laminate is used on the secondary heat exchanger
and greatly reduces maintenance.
Perfect Light Igniter Bryant’s unique Perfect Light
igniter is not only physically robust but it is also electrically
robust. It is capable of running at line voltage and does not
require complex voltage regulators as do other brands. This
unique feature further enhances the reliability of the Plus 90x gas
furnace and continues Bryant’s tradition of technology leadership
and innovation in providing a reliable and durable product.
FanOn Improves comfort all year long by allowing the
homeowner to select different fan speeds during continuous fan
operation to achieve more or less airflow. This is done right at the
SmartEvap This feature allows your system to reduce
summertime humidity levels by nearly 10% over standard
Media Filter Cabinet Enhanced indoor air quality in your
home is made easier with our media filter cabinet—a standard
accessory on all Deluxe furnaces. When installed as a part of your
system, this cabinet allows for easy and convenient addition of a
Bryant high--efficiency air filter.
Control Center Microprocessor controls sequencing and
furnace operation. Equipped with a component test feature and
status indicator light to assist in troubleshooting. Microprocessor
controls blower times to start blower after main burners ignite to
eliminate cold air blowing into rooms.
*as compared to the Air---Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute’s standard coil---only rating (A/Cs up to 3.5 tons) when paired with selected Bryant
evaporator coils.
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