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915SA 95 AFUE
Product Data
The 915S Multipoise Condensing Gas Furnace is part of the
Legacy Line product offering. Sporting a PSC blower motor and
an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 95.5%, this
single-stage gas furnace provides efficient comfort for
homeowners. This Legacy Line Gas Furnace also features 4-way
multipoise installation flexibility, and is available in nine model
sizes. The 915S can be vented for direct vent/two-pipe, ventilated
combustion air, or single-pipe applications. A BryantR Air
Conditioner or Heat Pump can be used to form a complete system.
All units meet California Air Quality Management District
emission requirements. These furnaces are approved for
Manufactured Housing (Mobile Home) applications. All sizes are
design certified in Canada.
S 4-way multipoise design for upflow, downflow or horizontal
S Optional through-the-cabinet downflow venting.
S Installation flexibility with a 360-degree rotating elbow.
S Ideal condensing furnace height 35” cabinet: short enough for
taller coils, but still allows enough room for service.
S Silicon Nitride Perfect Lightt Hot Surface Igniter.
S Aluminized-steel primary heat exchanger.
S Stainless-steel condensing secondary heat exchanger.
S High-quality corrosion-resistant prepainted steel cabinet with
hemmed edges for safety.
S Factory-configured ready for upflow applications.
S Direct-vent/sealed combustion, single-pipe venting or ventilated
combustion air.
S PSC blower motor, single-speed inducer motor, and single-stage
gas valve.
S Self-diagnostics
S Approved for Twinning applications (42060 through 60120
sizes, only).
S Propane convertible (See accessory list).
S Approved for Manufactured Housing/Mobile Home applications
(except 140,000 Btuh input) with MH accessory kit.
S Convenient Air Purifier and Humidifier connections.
S Residential installations may be eligible for consumer financing
through the Retail Credit Program.
S Certified to leak 2% or less of nominal air conditioning CFM
delivered when pressurized to 1-inch water column with all
present air inlets, air outlets, and condensate drain port(s) are
S 10 year parts and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty to the
original purchaser upon timely registration.
S Limited warranty period is five years for parts and twenty years
for the heat exchanger if not registered within 90 days of
* For owner occupied, residential application s.
{Jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned on registra-
tion will receive registered limited warranty b enefits.
Use of the AHRI Certified
Mark indicates a
manufacturer’s participation in the program. For
verification of certification for individual products,
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