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Bose Headphones Owner's Manual - QuietComfort 15 headphones.
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For noise reduction and audio

You can use the headphones with a variety of audio 
sources: airline audio, a CD, DVD or MP3 player, 
a personal or laptop computer, or home stereo. When 
using with Apple products, use the audio cable with 
remote and microphone. When using other audio 
sources, use the standard audio cable. 

To enjoy both noise reduction and audio:

1. Gently push the headphones plug all the way into 

the connector opening on the left earcup, until the 
plug housing is flush with the earcup.

2. Connect the headphones cord to an audio source. 

For information on using your headphones on an 
airplane, see “Connecting to in-flight entertainment 
systems” on page 5.

Note: The LO setting of the LEVEL switch lowers the volume 
levels of strong audio output signals which are common on 
airline systems. If you find that the volume level is too low, 
set the LEVEL switch to HI. The switch has no effect on noise 
reduction performance.

3. Put on the headphones. On the right earcup, slide 

the power switch forward to the On position. The 
battery light indicator will illuminate. 



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