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Bosch Dishwasher Installation Instructions - SHX863WB5N.
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Enclosure Requirements

Avoid Scalding or Electrical Shock Hazard!

Make sure the water supply and electrical supply are shut off 
before installation or service.
Avoid Electrical Shock/Fire Hazard!
Do not allow the electrical and supply lines to touch.

Note: This dishwasher is designed to be enclosed on the top, back and 

both sides by standard residential kitchen cabinetry. 

•  Select a location as close to the sink as possible for easy access to 

water supply and drain lines. 

•  For proper dishwasher operation and appearance, ensure that the 

enclosure is square and has the dimensions shown.

•  If the dishwasher is to be installed in a corner, ensure that there is 

adequate clearance to open the door as shown.

min 34


(864 mm)

min 24


(610 mm)


" - 241/4"

(600 - 616 mm)