Bosch SHX84AYD5N Specification Sheet

100 Series 24" Bar Handle 100 Series
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Features and Benefits
Key Features
• NO_FEATUREA- Quietest Dishwasher Brand.
• InfoLight® Beams on Floor to Indicate Dishwasher is Running
• RackMatic® on Upper Rack - 3 Height Adjustments
• 24/7 Overflow Protection System®
• Stainless Steel Tal  Tub with Polypropylene
• 14 Place Setting Capacity
• LED Remaining Time Display
• RackMatic® on Upper Rack - 3 Height Adjustments and Up to 9 Possible

Rack Positions

• Long Silverware Basket Can be Placed Anywhere in the Dishwasher,

Adding Space for Other Items

• NO_FEATUREA- Quietest Dishwasher Brand.
• 5 Wash Cycles and 5 Options
• Detergent Tray Optimizes Detergent Dissolving
• Load Size Sensor Automates Wash Temperature
• Sanitize Option Eliminates Bacteria and Enhances Drying Results
• Extra Dry Option for Better Drying Results
• 269 kwh/yr - Energy Star®
• Half Load Option for Small Loads
• InfoLight® Beams on Floor to Indicate Dishwasher is Running
• 24/7 Overflow Protection System®
• 24 h Delay Start Timer
• Self-Latching Door

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