Bosch SGZ1052UC Specification Sheet

Dishwasher Accessory Kit SGZ1052UC
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Dishwasher Accessory Kit


Features and Benefits
▪ Compatible with All Ascenta, 300, 500 and 800 Series Dishwashers Only
▪ Dishwasher Accessory Kit with Extra Tal  Item Sprinkler, Vase/Bottle

Holder, 3 Plastic Item Clips and Smal  Item Basket

▪ Large/Tal  Item Spray Head (part number 167301) - This attaches to

the back wal  of the dishwasher. Ef ectively cleans large items, such as

baking trays.

▪ Vase/Bottle Holder (part number 640266) - Attaches to the lower rack.

Holds tall vases/bottles in place for a thorough cleaning.

▪ Small Item Clips (part number 613052) - Includes 3 clips. Attaches to the

upper rack. Used to hold small items securely for a trouble-free wash.

▪ Small Cutlery Basket (part number 267820) - Used on the upper rack to

hold additional cutlery.

Notes: All height, width and depth dimensions are shown in inches. *Please refer to installation instructions prior to making cutout. BSH reserves the absolute and unrestricted right to

change product materials and specifications, at any time, without notice.Consult the product’s instal ation instructions for final dimensional data and other details. Applicable product

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