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Bosch Gas Cooktop Installation Instructions - NGMP056UC.
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Before You Begin

Tools and Parts Needed

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Precision Flathead Screwdriver

Tape Measure

Teflon Tape (Gas Rated)

Adjustable Wrench or Channel Lock Pliers

Parts Included

Foam Tape

Mounting Brackets (4)

Screws, #10-32 x 2 1/2” (63.8 mm) (4)

Sheet Metal Screws, #8 x 3/8” (9.5 mm) (4)

Washers (4)

Burner Grates (3)


30” models: (4) or (5)

36” models: (5)

Burner Caps

30” models: (4) or (5)

36” models: (5)

Pressure Regulator

LP Gas Conversion Kit

Note:  If parts are missing or damaged, call the number 

or write to the address listed on the inside back cover.

General Information
Overall Dimensions

Note:  These are overall dimensions NOT cutout 



Electrical Requirements



Do not use an extension cord with the gas cooktop.

This appliance requires a 60 Hz, 15 Amp, 120 VAC 

connection. Plan the installation so that the power 

connection is accessible from the front of the cabinet.

Gas Requirements

Supply Pressure:

Natural Gas: 7 inches water column (14.9 Millibars)

Propane Gas: 11 inches water column (27.4 Millibars)

The propane gas tank must be equipped with its own 

high pressure regulator in addition to the pressure 

regulator supplied with this unit. The cooktop is shipped 

from the factory for use with natural gas. For use with LP 

conversion, a certified technician or installer must do the 


Cabinet Requirements

Instructions are based on standard American cabinets

36” high (91cm) x 24” deep (61cm) with a 25”

(63cm) countertop.

The maximum depth of a cabinet installed above the

cooktop is 13” (33cm).

Note:  All measurements given must be precisely 

followed. If nonstandard cabinets are used, make sure 

they are installed with minimum dimensions shown.

Plan the installation of the unit so that the power cord, 

gas shut-off valve and gas pressure regulator are 

accessible from the front of the cabinet.

30” Models

36” Models

Width (Side to Side)


(788 mm)


(940 mm)

Depth (Front to Back)

21 1/4”

(540 mm)

21 1/4”

(540 mm)

Height (Top to Bottom)

3 13/16”

(97 mm)

3 13/16”

(97 mm)

Depth from Back Wall

Cabinet 13" (330) max.

Centered over cooktop

Rear wall - 2" (51mm)

Right Side

min. 12" (305)

Left Side

 min. 12" (305)

min. 18" (458) 

NGM30 - min. 30" (762)
NGM36 - min. 36" (914)

( )=mm

Above counter - min. 30" (762) 

to combustible surface

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