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Bosch Dishwasher Installation Instructions - 300Series-Stainlesssteel.
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Elbow connection with 3/4” female hose threads on one end and fits 

your water supply line (copper tubing, compression fitting, or braided 

hose) on the other.

Electrical Supply Cable - Minimum #14 AWG, 2 conductor, 1 ground, 

insulated copper conductors rated 75° C or higher.

Only needed if house electrical line is not adequate.

Hot Water Supply Line - Minimum 3/8″ O.D. copper tubing or metal 

braided dishwasher supply line.

Only needed if house water supply line is not sufficient.

Shut-off valve and fittings appropriate for hot water supply line 

(copper tubing/compression fitting, or braided hose).

UL listed conduit connector or strain relief is required if you attach the 

field wiring directly to the terminal block.

Tools and Materials Needed

Wire Cutter

Needle Nose Pliers


Wire Stripper

ø1/16 in

 (2 mm)

Adjustable Wrench

Tape Measure


Hole Saw

Flat Screwdriver


Phillips Screwdriver