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Bosch Dishwasher Instruction Manual - 100 Series24" Bar Handle 100 Series.
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Care and Maintenance

A regular inspection and 

maintenance of your machine will 

help to prevent faults. This saves time 

and prevents future problems.

Cleaning the dishwasher

Regularly wipe the front of the 

appliance with a damp cloth - 

water and a small amount of 

liquid soap is adequate.

For black stainless steel and 

anti-fingerprint surfaces, use a 

soft, dry towel. For stubborn dirt, 

use warm water diluted with a 

non-abrasive, mild cleansing 

soap. Never use stainless steel 


For stainless steel appliances 

(excluding black stainless and 

anti-fingerprint), use a stainless 

steel polish to seal and protect 

the surface.

Clean the outer edges of the 

inside door panel regularly to 

remove debris that may collect 

from normal loading. If spots 

begin to appear on the stainless 

steel, make sure the rinse aid 

dispenser is full and functioning 


Clean the door seal regularly with 

a damp cloth to remove food 

particles that may collect from 

normal loading and cause odor. A 

soiled door seal may not seal 



Never use a steam cleaner to 

clean your dishwasher. The 

manufacturer is not liable for any 

resulting damage.

Do not use sponges as they could 

scratch the surfaces.

Do not use bleach-based wipes 

as they could damage the surface 

or printing.

Never use stainless steel polish 

on a black stainless finish or 

anti-fingerprint surfaces.


Use caution when removing 

parts for cleaning as some 

debris may be sharp.