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Bosch Dishwasher Instruction Manual - 100 Series24" Bar Handle 100 Series.
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en-us   Operating the Dishwasher


Auto power off
This setting determines the length of 

time the control panel stays 

illuminated after the cycle is 

complete. To save energy the 

recommended setting is ˜:‹‚.
This setting can be adjusted from 

˜:‹‹ to ˜:‹ƒ.

To change the setting:

1. Press the On/Off button (.

2. Hold down the function key # 

and press the Start button P 

until the display 8 indicates 

•:‹x (x can be any number).

3. Release both buttons.

4. Press the function key # until 

the display 8 indicates ˜:‹x.

5. Press the function key 3 until 

the display corresponds with your 


6. Press the Start button P.

Switching off the appliance

Short time after the end of the wash 


1. Press On/Off button (.

2. Remove the utensils when they 

have cooled down.



To avoid risk of injury, always 

use caution when opening the 

door during or following a wash 

cycle as hot water or steam 

may escape. Do not fully open 

the door until water noises have 

stopped and steam has 


Interrupting the wash cycle


Expansion (overpressure) may 

cause the appliance door to 

open and/or water to escape! If 

the door was opened on an 

appliance which has a hot water 

connection or is heated, always 

leave the door ajar for several 

minutes and then close.

1. Press On/Off button (.

The LED’s go out. The wash cycle 

is saved.

2. To continue the wash cycle, close 

the door and press On/Off button 

( again.

Note: Your dishwasher is protected 

against unintentional operation. If the 

appliance door remains open for 

more than 4 seconds after pressing 

the Start button, the operation will be 

paused. Close the appliance door 

and press the Start button P again.

˜:‹‹ dishwasher does not turn off 


˜:‹‚ dishwasher turns off 

automatically after 1 minute

˜:‹ƒ dishwasher turns off 

automatically after 

120 minutes (2 hours)