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Bosch Dishwasher Instruction Manual - 100 Series24" Bar Handle 100 Series.
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Dishwa er Cycles

Note: The Energy Guide label was based on the 

Normal soil sensing cycle as 

follows: The unit was tested without any rinse aid (liquid) in the rinse aid 

dispenser 9". A single dose of detergent was inserted into the detergent 

dispenser 9*, with no detergent being used in the prewash. The unit was not 

subjected to truncated testing per the definitions in the test procedure. We 

recommend that dish loads such as the one in the energy certification test 

have the rack position set in the highest position.

* Not on all models. See fascia panel 

for corresponding programs.

Wash cycle

Recommended use

Possible wash cycle option


Best for cleaning items with baked-on 

food or grease. These dishes would nor-

mally require soaking or hand scouring.



Smartest cycle, with most flexible soil 

sensing, which is ideal for mixed dishware 

and food soils.



(see note at bot-

tom of table)

Recommended for daily, regular or typical 

use to completely wash a full load of nor-

mally soiled dishes.

Note: In order to obtain optimal per-

formance with minimum energy con-

sumption, it is recommended to 

disable all available options and set-

tings, except Auto Power Off - set to 

˜:‹‚ "Auto power off" 

on page 32

Speed60® *

Cleans freshly soiled dishes with easy to 

remove soils.

This cycle reduces cycle time while still 

including drying.


Extra Dry

Clean30® *

Cleans lightly soiled dishes and reduces 

overall wash time. Use this cycle to clean 

glasses and dessert dishware that may 

need to be reused at the same event.


Extra Dry


Use this cycle if you need to pre-rinse 

dishes to avoid odors. Place unrinsed 

dishes inside the dishwasher and select 

the Rinse cycle. Uses less water than 

hand rinsing and very low energy.