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Bosch Dishwasher Installation Instructions - 100 Series24" Bar Handle 100 Series.
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Before you begin, you must read the safety instructions.


� Unpack unit. Retain packing material until successful installation is 


� Remove all packing material from inside the dishwasher. 

� Inspect parts to ensure you have all the necessary materials. 

� Flush household hot water supply for at least two minutes. 

� Measure the enclosure area.  

� Is the opening at least 34" (863.6 mm) high and 24" (609.6 mm) wide?

� Is the opening near enough to the sink for the water line and drain 

hoses to access plumbing?

� Will the unit be installed close enough to the sink so that drain hose 

length does not exceed 92" (2336.8 mm) and so that a portion of the 

drain hose is raised at least 33" (840 mm) above the floor?

� Do the openings for electric cable, water line, and drain hose routing 

through cabinet fit within the shaded area in Figure 1?

� Are the openings sanded smooth if wood or covered by a protective 

gasket if metal? 

� Is your water heater set at 120°F (49°C) and does water pressure 

measure 15-145 psi (1-10 bar)?

� If installing in a corner, will the dishwasher door clear cabinet 


� Determine mounting method based on dishwasher model and 

countertop type (see Figures 19-22).

� Only use included hardware for install.  If replacing dishwasher, 

dispose of old hose and other equipment properly.