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Bosch Dishwasher Installation Instructions - 100 Series24" Bar Handle 100 Series.
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The customer has the responsibility of ensuring that the dishwasher 

electrical installation is in compliance with all national and local electrical 

codes and ordinances. The dishwasher is designed for an electrical supply 

of 120 V, 60 Hz, AC, connected to a dishwasher-dedicated, properly 

grounded electrical circuit with a fuse or breaker rated for 15 amps. 

Electrical supply conductors shall be a minimum #14 AWG copper only 

wire rated at 75°C (167°F) or higher.

This appliance must be connected to a grounded metal, permanent wiring 

system, or an equipment-grounding conductor must be run with the circuit 

conductors and connected to the equipment-grounding terminal or lead on 

the appliance. Do not use extension cords.

Avoiding Plumbing/Scalding Hazards

Do not perform any work on a charged hot water line. Serious injury could 

result.  Only  a  qualified  plumber  should  perform  plumbing  work.  Do  not 

attempt any work on the dishwasher hot water supply plumbing until you 

are certain the hot water supply is shut off.

Do not over tighten the 90° elbow. Doing so may damage the water inlet 

valve and cause a water leak.

Check local plumbing codes for approved plumbing procedures and ac-

cessories. All plumbing should be done in accordance with national and 

local codes.

These instructions depict an installation method for stainless steel braided 

hose or PEX hot water supply lines. If using copper tubing or other material 

for water supply, defer to a licensed plumber for proper installation.

Inspect the Dishwasher

After unpacking the dishwasher and prior to installation, thoroughly inspect 

the dishwasher for possible freight or cosmetic damage. Report any 

damage immediately. Cosmetic defects must be reported within 30 days 

of installation.

NOTE: Do not discard any bags or items that come with the original package 

until after the entire installation has been completed.