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Bosch Dishwasher Installation Instructions - 100 Series24" Bar Handle 100 Series.
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To avoid possible injury or property damage, OBSERVE ALL WARNINGS 


These instructions are intended for use by qualified installers only. The 

dishwasher must be installed by a qualified service technician or installer.

•  In addition to these instructions, the dishwasher shall be installed to 

meet all electrical and plumbing codes and ordinances (both national 

and local).

Read these installation instructions completely and follow them 

carefully. They will save you time and effort and help to ensure safety and 

optimum dishwasher performance. 

•  The dishwasher drain hose must be installed with a portion of it at least 

33″ (84 cm) off the cabinet floor; otherwise the dishwasher may not 

drain properly.

•  This dishwasher is intended for indoor residential use only, and should 

not be used in commercial food service establishments.

•  This dishwasher is designed to be enclosed on the top and both sides 

by cabinetry.

•  NEW INSTALLATION - If the dishwasher is a new installation, ensure 

all connections are properly made before the dishwasher is moved into 


•  REPLACEMENT - If the dishwasher is replacing another dishwasher, 

check the existing dishwasher connections for compatibility with the 

new dishwasher, and replace parts as necessary.

•  This appliance has been found to be in compliance with CAN/CSA-C22.2 

No. 167/UL 749. It is the responsibility of the owner and the installer 

to determine if additional requirements and standards apply in specific 


•  Not for outdoor use.

Important Safety Instructions:

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