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Bosch Dishwasher Installation Instructions - 100 Series24" Bar Handle 100 Series.
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IMPORTANT: Do not allow leg 

levelers to scratch or mark floor. 

Place hands where pictured to 

push into place. As you slide 

the unit in, guide the water line 

and drain hose toward the sink, 

and electric line beneath the 

unit toward the junction box at 

the front right side. Ensure that 

the excess drain hose is pushed 

through to the cabinet housing 

the sink. Units are typically 

positioned so that the door is 

flush with cabinet door and 

drawer fronts. For optimal noise 

reduction, ensure side strips are 

in contact with cabinet.

Attach the strain relief (not 

included) to the strain relief plate. 

The two screws on the back 

of the strain relief should be 

positioned as shown to prevent 

interferences during assembly. 

Tighten the strain relief lock nut 

to prevent the strain relief from 


Pass wires through strain relief 

and plate. Tighten clamp around 

wires, oriented as shown. 

Bending the electrical cable as 

shown will ease installation of the 

strain relief plate.