Bernina 950 Industrial User's Manual

Bernina Sewing Machine User's Manual - 950 Industrial.
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Nothing Sews Like a Bernina. Nothing


Key  Features

Below are just a few of the great features you’ll find on the 950. Stop by your local BERNINA Dealer
for a complete demonstration of everything this machine has to offer.

950 Industrial

Power,  speed,




for the

cottage industry


This machine was
engineered specifically
for high-volume, semi-
commercial sewing. Its
outstanding combination
of simplicity, high speed
and exceptional BERNINA
stitch quality make the 950
Industrial a perfect match
for the cottage industry.
In addition, compared
to other home sewing
machines, the 950 also
offers the solid construction
and durability you need to create project after project, year after year.

From piecing, appliqué work and costume construction to freehand embroidery,
garment construction and freehand quilting, this versatile machine will see you
through. Fast. Note: this machine requires a stand and motor, available sepa-
rately from your Bernina Dealer.

Semi-Commercial Features

2000 Stitches per Minute
With more than double the speed of the
typical household machine, the 950
increases production and profitability
while decreasing the time it takes to
complete a project.

Large Fabric Passage Space
The 950 has a large fabric passage space
between the needle and the right side of
the machine. This allows quilters all the
room they need to manage the layers of
the quilt as they stitch.

High Quality Rotary Hook
BERNINA’s high quality rotary hook
delivers the finest stitch quality even
at top speed and does not require
an oil pan.

Stitch Versatility

5 Needle Positions
You can place any stitch in five
different positions without moving
the fabric.

20 Decorative & Practical Stitches
With the flick of a lever, you can select
any of the machine’s wide range of built-in
utility and decorative stitches.

5 Step Buttonhole
Get perfect buttonholes on any fabric. Our
5-step semiautomatic buttonhole delivers
even, adjustable density on both forward
and reverse beads.

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