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Behringer Mixers Brochure - XENYX UFX1604.
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Boasting a stellar feature set that 

includes our premium-grade XENYX 
mic preamps, “one-knob” compressors, 
British EQs and 24-bit onboard FX, 
BEHRINGER UFX Series mixers are some of 
the best-sounding compact mixers you’ve 
ever heard. They are light-years beyond 
your average mixer, thanks to their 
built-in 16 x 4 USB/FireWire Interface and 
16-Track USB-Recorder. Imagine being 
able to record your next live gig directly 
to a USB stick or your PC/Mac computer—
and the UFX’s transport section can even 
function as a remote control center for 
your computer-based DAW via MIDI. 

Extreme Versatility

From input to output, BEHRINGER UFX 

Series mixers are all about functionality, 
ease of use and ultimate versatility. 
Mono channels feature our legendary 
XENYX mic preamps, praised the world 
over by professional audio engineers for 
their sonic clarity and high-headroom 
performance. Mono channels accept 
both balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS, as well 
as unbalanced 1/4" TS connections. 
A Line/Hi-Z switch is also provided 
on channels 1 & 2 so you can connect 
acoustic, electric and bass guitars without 
the need for an external DI box. 

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XENYX UFX1604 — Premium 
16-Input 4-Bus Mixer with 16x4 USB/
FireWire Interface, 16-Track USB-
Recorder, XENYX Mic Preamps 
& Compressors, British EQs and 
Dual Multi-FX Processors

8 state-of-the-art XENYX Mic 
Preamps comparable to stand-alone 
boutique preamps with individual 
Phantom Power switches 

8 studio-grade Compressors with 
super-easy “one-knob” functionality 
and control LED for professional 
vocal and instrumental sound 

Neo-classic “British” 4-band EQs with 
two semi-parametric mid bands for 
warm and musical sound 

Dual studio-grade stereo 
FX processors with 16 editable 
presets including reverb, chorus, 
flanger, delay, pitch shifter, 
multi-effects, Tap function and 
storable user parameter settings 

4 Aux Sends per channel - all 
pre/post fader switchable, 4 stereo 
Aux Returns and separate 
CD/Tape input 

Comprehensive Monitor section with 
separate level controls for speaker 
and headphones outputs 

Premium 4-Bus Mixers with 
16x4 USB/FireWire Interface, 16-Track 
USB-Recorder, XENYX Mic Preamps 
& Compressors, British EQs and 
Multi-FX Processors



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