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When it’s time to get down to the 

business of recording or mixing, the last 
thing you’ll want to do is crawl under your 
desk and run cables. The CONTROL1USB 
gets you off your knees, putting Master 
Volume, Talkback, Source selection and 
Monitor control right at your fingertips. 
Now you can choose from up to three 
sets of active studio monitors and 
four different stereo input sources 
to create powerful, custom monitor 
mixes. Plus the built-in Talkback mic 
lets you communicate directly with 
the talent. CONTROL1USB puts you in 
complete control...

Sometimes Bigger is Better!

Small knobs make for low precision. 

Conversely, the bigger the knob is, 
the higher the precision. Think of a control 
knob as a circle. On a small circle/knob 
the distance from one degree to the 
next is very small, making it difficult 
to dial-in perfection. On our really big 
knob, the distance between degrees of 
the circle is much larger, allowing you to 
make high-precision adjustments with 

ease. CONTROL1USB helps you set levels 
fast and accurately when it comes to your 
mastering project.

Built-in USB Connectivity

The high-quality, built-in USB audio 

interface lets you connect directly 
to your computer and its digital 
library, creating the ultimate sound 
source control center—no additional 
hardware required.

More Monitor Options

In the golden age of recording, 

engineers had to make the mix sound 
great in just two places, the studio and 
the car. When you consider the acoustic 
environments and the equipment used 
in each, it’s not as easy as it sounds. 
Today’s computer-based recordings have 
to sound great in even more situations, 
such as MP3 players, podcasts and 
other bass-challenged systems—so 
experiencing your mix through as many 
speaker systems as possible is more 
essential than ever. CONTROL1USB lets 

High-End Studio Control and 
Communication Center with 
USB Audio Interface

Premium, ultra-low noise and 
high headroom studio control 
and communication center

All-in-one Master Volume controller, 
Source selector, Monitor switcher 
and Talkback box

4 stereo inputs with independent 
level controls plus additional 
Monitor Mix input for your DAW

3 independent and adjustable 
Monitor outputs to connect up to 
3 sets of studio monitors

Built-in Talkback microphone 
with Level control for direct 
communication with musicians

Built-in stereo USB Audio Interface, 
perfect for computer-based studios

Premium-quality phono preamp 
for direct turntable connection

2 powerful headphone amplifiers 
with separate volume controls

Big, illuminated Volume knob for 
precise level adjustments

Convenient Mono, Mute and Dim 
functions right at your fingertips

High-precision dual 12-segment 
LED meters with input/output 
source switch

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