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Axxera Car Receiver Installation and User's Guide - AV615BHM.
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Power On/Off
Auxiliary Input
USB Port
Main Menu
Momentarily press
to turn the unit on or off.
Rotate the volume knob to increase or decrease the volume level.
Momentarily press MUTE to silence the audio. Momentarily press
MUTE again to return to the previously selected volume. Rotating the
volume knob while the muted will also cancel the mute function.
Press MODE to step through all available input modes: Radio,
Disc (which includes DVD and CD playback), USB, Bluetooth Phone,
Bluetooth Music, DualMirror, Camera, Auxiliary Input and AV In. Modes
of operation are indicated on the display and/or the monitor. USB flash
drive must be connected to appear in the mode selection string.
Connect external audio/video devices to the 3.5mm auxiliary input on
the front panel.
Connect a USB device to the USB port on the front panel to play MP3/
WMA files or view AVI, MP4 video files or JPG photos.
From any operational mode, press the house icon in the top left corner
to access the Main Menu screen.
1. Put the monitor into standby mode.
2. Eject the disc.
3. Set up steering wheel controls (view Steering Wheel Controls insert
included with the unit for details).
General Operation
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