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Axxera Car Receiver Installation and User's Guide - AV615BHM.
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Select the Radio icon from the Main Menu screen. 

Press to return to Main Menu screen.

Displays current mode of operation. 

Press << to tune radio to a lower frequency. Press < to tune the unit 

down one step at a time. 

Press >> to tune radio to a higher frequency. Press > to tune the unit 

up one step at a time. 

Press to access the Phone when Bluetooth is enabled. If Bluetooth is 

turned off, pressing this button will turn it on.

Press to access the Camera when the camera function is enabled.

Press to see the previous screen of options.

Press to display the six preset stations stored in memory in the 

current band. To store a preset station, tune unit to desired station, 

then press and hold the desired preset button to store the current 

station in that preset spot. Up to 18 FM and 12 AM stations can be 

stored in memory. Momentarily press any preset station to play it 

instantly. (Preset station display is pictured on the following page.) 

Press to mute the unit's sound. Press again to unmute, or sound can 

be restored by adjusting the volume knob of the front panel.

Radio Operation

Main Menu  1

Current Mode Indicator  2

Tune Frequency Down  3

Tune Frequency Up  4

Phone  5

Camera  6

Previous Options  7

Preset Stations  8

Mute  9










AM/FM/RDS Tuner Operation