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Avaya Conference Phone Owner's Manual - 1692 IP.
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Call Handling Features

1692 IP Conference Phone User’s Guide

Nov 2009



Holding Calls

To hold a call:

During a call, press the Hold soft key (you might need to press the More soft key first, if 
Hold is not visible). 

The status LEDs blink red to indicate that the call is on hold.

To resume the held call, select the call appearance using the Up/Down Scroll keys, and 
then press the Select key.

Muting Calls

To mute a call:

During a call, press the Mute key.

The status LEDs turn solid red to indicate that the call is muted. You can still hear the other 
person, but they cannot hear you

To turn off Mute, press the Mute key again.

Transferring Calls

To transfer a call:

1. During a call, press the Transfer soft key (you might have to press the More soft key first, 

if Transfer is not visible).

The call is placed on hold.

2. Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call.

3. When you hear ringing, press the Transfer soft key again.

(To cancel the transfer, use the Up/Down Scroll keys to select the call to be transferred, 
and then press the Select key.)



You can automatically transfer a call without completing step 3. After you 
complete step 1, press the Transfer soft key. Then, complete step 2. The call 
automatically transfers to the number you specified.

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