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AT&T Telephone User's Manual - Corded Phone With Answering System CL4940.
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Parts checklist
Your telephone package contains the following items. Save your sales receipt 
and original packaging in the event warranty service is necessary.

Coiled handset cord

Telephone line cord

Power adapter


Telephone base

User’s manual

Quick start guide

User’s manual
Big button/big display telephone/ 
answering system with caller ID/ 
call waiting

Wall mount bracket

Quick start guide

This quick start guide provides you with basic instructions only. For more complete instructions, 
refer to your user’s manual in the package or visit

Telephone installation

Plug other end of the coiled handset cord into the handset jack on the left side of the 
telephone base. Plug the other end into the jack on the bottom of the handset. .

Plug one end of the telephone line cord into the telephone line jack on the bottom 
of the

 telephone base. Plug other end of the telephone line cord into a telephone 



Telephone line cord

DSL filter (not included) 
is required if you 
have DSL high-speed 
Internet service.

Telephone wall jack

Electrical outlet 
not controlled by 
a wall switch

wall jack or a DSL


Plug the small end of the power

 adapter into the power jack on the 

bottom of the telephone base. Plug the large end into an electrical 
outlet not controlled by a wall switch.