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Apple Audio Owner's Manual - iPod nano (3rd generation).
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Chapter 2    Music Features



You can set iTunes to add music to iPod nano in three ways:
 Sync all songs and playlists:  When you connect iPod nano, it’s automatically updated 

to match the songs and other items in your iTunes library. Any other songs on 
iPod nano are deleted. 

 Sync selected playlists:  When you connect iPod nano, it’s automatically updated to 

match the songs in playlists you select in iTunes.

 Manually add music to iPod nano:  When you connect iPod nano, you can drag songs 

and playlists individually to iPod nano, and delete songs and playlists individually 
from iPod nano. Using this option, you can add songs from more than one computer 
without erasing songs from iPod nano. When you manage music yourself, you must 
always eject iPod nano from iTunes before you can disconnect it.

Syncing Music Automatically
By default, iPod nano is set to sync all songs and playlists when you connect it to your 
computer. This is the simplest way to add music to iPod nano. You just connect 
iPod nano to your computer, let it add songs, audiobooks, videos, and other items 
automatically, and then disconnect it and go. If you added any songs to iTunes since 
the last time you connected iPod nano, they are synced with iPod nano. If you deleted 
songs from iTunes, they are removed from iPod nano.

To sync music with iPod nano:

m Simply connect iPod nano to your computer. If iPod nano is set to sync automatically, 

the update begins.

Important:  The first time you connect iPod nano to a computer, a message asks if you 
want to sync songs automatically. If you accept, all songs, audiobooks, and videos are 
erased from iPod nano and replaced with the songs and other items from that 
computer. If you don’t accept, you can still add songs to iPod nano manually without 
erasing any of the songs already on iPod nano.

While music is being synced from your computer onto iPod nano, the iTunes status 
window shows progress, and you see a sync icon next to the iPod nano icon in the 
source list.

When the update is done, a message in iTunes says “iPod update is complete.”

Syncing Music From Selected Playlists onto iPod nano
Setting iTunes to sync selected playlists to iPod nano is useful if the music in your 
iTunes library doesn’t all fit on iPod nano. Only the music in the playlists you select is 
synced to iPod nano.

To set iTunes to sync music from selected playlists onto iPod nano:

In iTunes, select iPod nano in the source list and click the Music tab. 

Select “Sync music” and then choose “Selected playlists.”