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Apple Audio Owner's Manual - iPod nano (3rd generation).
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Chapter 2    Music Features 


Organizing Your Music
Using iTunes, you can organize songs and other items into lists, called playlists, in any 
way you want. For example, you can make playlists with songs to listen to while 
exercising, or playlists with songs for a particular mood. 

You can also make Smart Playlists that update automatically based on rules you define. 
When you add songs to iTunes that match the rules, they automatically get added to 
the Smart Playlist.

You can make as many playlists as you like using any of the songs in your iTunes library. 
Adding a song to a playlist or later removing it doesn’t remove it from your library. 

To make a playlist in iTunes:

Click the Add (+) button or choose File > New Playlist.

Type a name for the playlist.

Click Music in the Library list, and then drag a song or other item to the playlist. 

To select multiple songs, hold down the Shift key or the Command (x) key on a Mac, 
or the Shift key or the Control key on a Windows PC, as you click each song.

To make a Smart Playlist:

m Choose File > New Smart Playlist and define the rules for your playlist.

Note:  To make playlists on iPod nano when iPod nano isn’t connected to your 
computer, see “Making On-The-Go Playlists on iPod nano” on page 27.

Adding Music and Podcasts to iPod nano
After your music is imported and organized in iTunes, you can easily add it to 
iPod nano.

To set how music is added from your computer to iPod nano, you connect iPod nano to 
your computer, and then use iTunes preferences to choose iPod nano settings.