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Apple Audio Owner's Manual - iPod nano (3rd generation).
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Chapter 1    iPod nano Basics 


Setting the Screen Brightness
You can adjust the brightness of the iPod nano screen by moving a slider.

m Choose Settings > Brightness, and then use the Click Wheel to move the slider. Moving 

it to the left dims the screen; moving it to the right increases the screen brightness.

You can also set the brightness during a slideshow or video. Press the Center button to 
bring up or dismiss the brightness slider.

Setting the Language
iPod nano can be set to use different languages.

m Choose Settings > Language, and then choose a language from the list.

Getting Information About iPod nano
You can get details about your iPod nano, such as how much space is available, how 
many songs, videos, photos, and other items you have, and the serial number, model, 
and software version.

To get information about iPod nano:

m Choose Settings > About, and press the Center button to cycle through the screens of 


Resetting All Settings
You can reset all the items on the Settings menu to their default setting.

m Choose Settings > Reset Settings, and then choose Reset.

Connecting and Disconnecting iPod nano
You connect iPod nano to your computer to add music, videos, photos, and files, and to 
charge the battery. Disconnect iPod nano when you’re done.

Connecting iPod nano
To connect iPod nano to your computer:

m Plug the included iPod Dock Connector to USB 2.0 cable into a high-powered USB 2.0 

port on your computer, and then connect the other end to iPod nano.

If you have an iPod Dock, you can connect the cable to a USB 2.0 port on your 
computer, connect the other end to the Dock, and then put iPod nano in the Dock.