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Alcatel OneTouch Mobile Phones Owner's Manual - ONE TOUCH 902F.
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1  Getting started .....................

1.1 Set-up
Removing or installing the back cover

Inserting or removing the SIM card (1)
You must insert your SIM card to make phone calls. Please power off your 
phone and remove battery before inserting or removing the SIM card.

Place the SIM card with the chip facing downwards and slide it into its 
housing. Make sure that it is correctly inserted. To remove the card, press 
and slide it out. 


  Check with your network operator to make sure that your SIM card is 3V or 

1.8V compatible. The old 5 Volt cards can no longer be used. Please contact 
your operator.


How to obtain Support:  Contact the customer care center by calling (877-702-3444) or going to 
(  We have placed many self-help tools that may help you to 
isolate the problem and eliminate the need to send your wireless device in for service.  In the case 
that your wireless device is no longer covered by this limited warranty due to time or condition, 
you may utilize our out of warranty repair options. 

How to obtain Hardware Service within the terms of this warranty: Create a user profile (alcatel. and then create an RMA for the defective device.  Ship the device with a copy of the 
original proof of purchase (e.g. original copy of the dated bill of sale, invoice) with the owner’s return 
address (No PO Boxes accepted), wireless carrier’s name, alternate daytime phone number, and 
email address with a complete problem description.  Only ship the device.  Do not ship the SIM card, 
memory cards, or any other accessories such as the power adapter.  You must properly package and 
ship the wireless device to the repair center.  TCT Mobile (US), Inc. is not responsible for devices 
that do not arrive at the service center or are damaged in transit.  Insurance is recommended with 
proof of delivery. Upon receipt, the service center will verify the warranty conditions, repair, and 
return your device to the address provided in the RMA.  Check the warranty repair status by going 
online with the RMA number on web portal.