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Your mobile ..............
1.1 Keys
Navigation key
Confirm an option (press the middle of the key)
Pick up
Send a call
In idle screen:
Access call log (Redial) (press)
Switch on/Switch off the telephone (press and hold)
End call
Return to idle screen
Left softkey
Right softkey
Access your voicemail (press and hold)
In Edit mode:
- Press: access the symbols table
- Press and hold: enter zero
In Edit mode:
- Press: change input methods
In idle screen:
- Press: #
- Press and hold: activate/deactivate vibrate mode
In Edit mode:
- Press:
From Idle screen
- Press: dial ‘5’
- Press and hold: switch the LED Flashlight on/off
1.2 Main screen icons
Battery charge level
Call forwarding activated: your calls are forwarded
Alarm or appointments programmed
Level of network reception
Voicemail message received
Missed calls
Radio is on
Silence mode: your phone does not ring, beep or
vibrate with the exception of the alarm
SMS unread
Flight mode
Getting started .........
2.1 Set-up
Removing and installing the back cover
Removing and installing the battery
Inserting and removing the SIM card
Place the SIM card with the chip facing downwards and slide it
into its housing. Make sure that it is correctly inserted. To
remove the card, press it and slide it out.
Call log ..............
6.1 Access
You can access the function using the following options:
Select from main menu
Press the send key from Home screen
For dual SIM model, the complete contacts of both SIM1
and SIM2 are available in this menu
6.2 Available options
When you press “Options”, you can have access to View,
Send SMS, Save to Contacts, Edit before call, Add to
blacklist, Add to whitelist, Delete etc.
Camera .............
Your mobile phone is fitted with a camera for taking photos
that you can use in different ways:
Store them in your “ My files\Images”.
Customise your main screen.
Make sure that microSD card is well inserted before taking
Quick Start Guide
For more information about how to use the phone, please go
to to download complete user
manual (English version only). Moreover, from the website
you can also consult FAQ, realize software upgrade, etc.
(English version only).
The icons and illustrations in this guide are provided for information
purposes only.
Calls ..........................
3.1 Making a call
Dial the desired number then press the
key to place the
call. If you make a mistake, you can delete the incorrect digits by
pressing the right softkey.
To hang up the call, press the
Making an emergency call
If your phone is covered by the network, dial emergency number
and press the
key to make an emergency call. This works
even without a SIM card and without typing the PIN code.
3.2 Calling your voicemail
To access your voicemail, hold down the
3.3 Receiving a call
When you receive an incoming call, press the
key to talk
and then hang up using the
3.4 Available functions during the call
During a call, you can use your directory, your calendar, short
messages, etc. without losing your correspondent.
Contact your network operator to check service availability.
Charging the battery
Connect the battery charger to your phone and mains socket
Charging may take about 20 minutes to start if the battery is
Be careful not to force the plug into the socket.
Make sure the battery is correctly inserted before connecting
the charger.
The mains socket must be near to the phone and easily
accessible (avoid electric extension cables).
When using your telephone for the first time, charge the
battery fully (approximately 3 hours). You are advised to fully
charge the battery (
To reduce power consumption and energy waste, when
battery is fully charged, disconnect your charger from the
plug; reduce the backlight time, etc.
The charge is complete when the animation stops.
2.2 Power on your phone
Hold down the
key until the phone powers on.
2.3 Power off your phone
Hold down the
key from the main screen.
Settings ..............
From the main menu, select the menu icon and select the
function of your choice in order to customise your telephone:
Profiles, Phone settings, Call settings, Network,
Connectivity, Security, Regulatory & Safety, Restore
Tools .....................
9.1 Alarm
Your mobile phone has a built-in alarm clock with a snooze
9.2 Calculator
Enter a number, select the type of operation to be performed,
and enter the second number, then press “=” to display the
9.3 Calendar
Once you enter this menu from the main menu, there is a
monthly-view calendar for you to query date.
9.4 Notes
You can create a note in text format by accessing “Tools\
Notes” from the main menu.
9.5 Bluetooth
Access this feature by pressing to enter the main menu, then
selecting “Tools\Bluetooth”.
9.6 Converter
Weight converter and Length converter.
9.7 Voice Alarm
With this menu, you may create the voice file and set it as the
9.8 Fake call
This program enables you to call yourself by simulating a caller
number/name, ringtone at a scheduled time. It helps you to
politely escape from social situations at any time you wish. This
call can be rejected by
9.9 Call filter
Enable blacklist, all callers in the list will be automatically blocked.
Enable whitelist, only callers in the list can be connected. You
are allowed to add 20 contacts to each list from the Contacts,
call log, Messages or create directly by pressing
9.10 Torch
To light in darkness, you may activate “Torch” by below
In idle screen, press and hold
to activate the flashlight;
or press and hold to deactivate it.
9.11 WAP
Access Wap options: Homepage, Bookmarks, Go to URL,
Recent pages, Settings.
Make sure that MicroSD card is well inserted before accessing
this feature.
9.12 Services
Contact your network operator to check service availability.
Media ...................
10.1 FM radio
Your phone is equipped with a radio
with RDS functionality.
You can use the application as a traditional radio with saved
channels or with parallel visual information related to the radio
program on the display if you tune to stations that offer Visual
Radio service. You can listen to it while running other
10.2 Images
A library links to the images (stored in “My images”) in phone
or SD card to multi-mark, set as wallpaper, power on/off display
or sent by Bluetooth, etc.
10.3 Recorder
Accessing “Recorder” allows you to make voice or sound
Music ...................
Access this feature from the main menu by selecting “Music”.
You will have full flexibility of managing music on your memory
My files ................
You will have access to all audio and visual files stored in memory
card in My files. You can access a number of items with this
option: My audios, Images, Received, etc.
Inserting the memory card:
To release the microSD card holder, slide it in the direction of
the arrow and lift it. Then insert the microSD card with the
golden contact downward. Finally, turn down the microSD
holder and slide it in the opposite direction to lock it.
English - CJB27F602AAA
Left softkey
Pick up/Send call
Call log
(press and hold)
Right softkey
Switch on/Switch off
End call
LED Flashlight
Navigation key:
Menu/Confirm an option
ALCATEL is a trademark of
Alcatel-Lucent and used under license by
TCT Mobile Limited.
All rights reserved © Copyright 2013
TCT Mobile Limited.
TCT Mobile Limited reserves the right to alter
material or technical specification without prior
To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at
high volume levels for long periods. Exercise caution
when holding your device near your ear while the loudspeaker
is in use.
Latin input mode ....
To write messages, there are two writing methods:
Normal: this mode allows you to type a text by choosing a
letter or a sequence of characters associated with a key.
Predictive with the eZi mode
: this mode
speeds up the
writing of your text.
key in edit mode
Press: access the symbols table
Press and hold: enter zero
The quality of the radio depends on the coverage of the radio station in
that particular area.
To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at
high volume levels for long periods. Exercise caution
when holding your device near your ear while the loudspeaker
is in use.
Contacts .............
4.1 Consulting your contacts
To access the Contacts from the main screen, press the
key and select the
icon from the menu.
4.2 Adding a contact
You can add a new contact to phone or SIM card by selecting
Add contact”.
Messages ............
5.1 Create message
From the main menu select “Messages” to create text. You
can type a message and you can also modify a predefined
message in Templates. While writing a message, select
Options” to access all of the messaging options. You can
save your messages that you send often to Drafts.
Specific letters (accent) will increase the size of the
SMS, this may cause multiple SMS to be sent to
your recipient.
1041X only.
1041D only.
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