A.O. Smith CMC/SU-54 Specification Sheet

A.O. Smith Water Heater Specification Sheet - CMC/SU-54.
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Revised October 2008



Commercial Electric Water Heaters

180°f booster models

Dura-Power® commercial electric water heaters are designed to boost the water temperatures 
for applications such as commercial dishwashers, which require very high temperature sanitizing 
rinse—typically 180°F. Both 5-gallon countermount “CMC” models and 20-gallon “SU” models are 
available with inputs up to 54 kW. Are models are also available with an optional stainless steel 
tank for use with deionized water.


INColoY-sHeatH HeatING elemeNts staNdard

  Industrial-grade Incoloy sheathed heating elements are designed for rugged long-

lasting commercial service and can withstand sheath temperatures up to 1500°F

  Each heating element has three separate heating loops, which provides more heating 

surface, lower watt density and maximum recovery efficiency

  Pre-wired leads provide excellent protection against oxidation and scaling
  Input options from 6 kW to 54 kW, recoveries from 25 to 221 gallons per hour (gph) 

at 100°F rise

  Deionized models equipped with stainless steel standard elements

a. o. smItH GoldeNrod elemeNts optIoNal

  Patent-pending 24k gold-plated sheath plus medium watt-density ensures even 

longer element life

  Higher resistance to scale build-up, compared to Incoloy elements
  Three-year warranty against failure due to lime scale build-up
  Not available on deionized models

staNdard VoltaGes for easY INstallatIoN

  Single-phase and three-phase
  Single-phase 208V and 240V are field-convertible to three-phase
  CMC models only, 208V and 240V at 24 kW and below are supplied as phase-convertible units 

(single- to three-phase and vice versa)

  277V single-phase also available – Contact A. O. Smith for 120V circuit availability

ImmersIoN tHermostat for effICIeNt CoNtrol

  Close-differential, immersion-type thermostat for superbly accurate temperature control
  Adjustable from 140°F to 185°F
  Manual reset, high-temperature cutoff

HeaVY-dutY maGNetIC CoNtaCtors

  UL-rated 100,000 cycles

faCtorY-wIred, 120V CIrCuIt CoNtrols

  120V control circuit powered by fused transformer
  Eliminates need for 120V service connection

Certified to NSF/ANSI 61






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