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User GuideWelcome to HUAWEIHUAWEI Ascend Q
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Contentsi1 Reading Before Proceeding.11.1 Safety Precautions. 11.2 Personal Information and Data Security . 21.3 Legal Notice. 32 Getting Started.62.1 Appearance . 62.2 Setting Up Your Mobile Phone . 72.3 Power On or Off Your Mobile Phone . 92.4 Using the Touchscreen.
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ii4.8 Deleting a Contact . 254.9 Streams . 254.10 Managing Groups . 264.11 Joining and Separating Contacts. 274.12 Sending Contacts . 285 Using the Onscreen Keyboard.285.1 Displaying the Keyboard. 285.2 Customizing Keyboard Settings. 306 Messaging .31
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iii10.1 Managing Your Accounts. 5210.2 Customizing Your Account Synchronization . 5311 Using Other Applications .5411.1 Traffic Manager. 5411.2 All Backup . 5511.3 Calendar . 5511.4 File Manager . 5711.5 Clock. 5911.6 Calculator. 60
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11 Reading Before Proceeding1.1 Safety PrecautionsPlease read the safety precautions carefully to ensure the correct use of your mobile phone.Do not crash, throw, or puncture your mobile phone. Avoid the falling, squeezing, and bending of your mobile phone.Do not use your mobile phone in a moist env
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21.2 Personal Information and Data SecurityThe use of some functions or third-party applications on your device could result in your personal information and data being lost or becoming accessible to others. Several measures are recommended to help you protect personal and confidential information.
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3• Periodically back up personal information kept on your memory card, or stored in your device memory. If you change to a different device, be sure to move or delete any personal information on your old device.• If you are worried about viruses when you receive messages or emails from a strange
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4Trademarks and Permissions, , and are trademarks or registered trademarks of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.Android is a trademark of Google Inc.Other trademarks, product, service and company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.NoticeSome features of the product and its access
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5This product uses the open-source Android™ platform. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has made necessary changes to the platform. Therefore, this product may not support all the functions that are supported by the standard Android platform or may be incompatible with third-party software. Huawei Tec
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62 Getting Started All the pictures in this guide are for your reference only. Your phone’s actual display features may be different to those described here, depending on its software version. 2.1 Appearance2.1.1 Phone at a Glance2.1.2 Key Functions at Your Fingertips• Press and hold to power on
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72.2 Setting Up Your Mobile Phone2.2.1 Charging the BatteryBefore charging the battery, ensure that it has been properly installed on your phone.1. Connect the USB cable that came with your mobile phone to the charger.2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to your mobile phone. Then, to start cha
Page 12
8Status IndicatorThe color of the status indicator tells you the status of your mobile phone’s battery.2.2.2 Important Information About the Battery• If the battery has not been used for a long time, you may not be able to power on your mobile phone immediately after you begin charging the batte
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92.2.3 Power Saving Tips The longevity of battery power depends on the network to which you connect, and how you use your mobile phone.Try the following to conserve battery power:• When your mobile phone is not in use, turn off the screen backlight.• Reduce the time it takes for your screen back
Page 14
10 Do not turn on Fast boot while on an airplane.2.3.4 Powering Off Your Mobile Phone1. Press and hold to open the Phone options menu.2. Touch Power off. If Fast boot is enabled, the phone will enter the deep sleep mode. If Fast boot is disabled, touch OK to shut down the phone.2.4 Using the Touchsc
Page 15
11• If your phone is idle for a while, the screen will lock automatically.2.5.2 Unlocking the Screen1. Press to wake up the screen.2. Drag the lock icon from left to right to unlock the screen. If you have set up a screen unlock pattern, you will be prompted to draw the pattern on the screen to un
Page 16
12 Touch and hold a shortcut until the mobile phone vibrates, you can then drag it to your desired location or move it to the trash. You can also drag an icon from another area of the screen to the shortcut position.2.6.1 Notification and Status IconsSignal strength No signalConnected to 3G mobile n
Page 17
132.6.2 Notification PanelYour mobile phone will notify you when you receive a new message or there is an upcoming event. The notification panel also informs you of alarms and settings, for example, you will be notified when Call forwarding is activated. Open the notification panel to see your netwo
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14Opening the Notification Panel1. When a new notification icon appears on the notification bar, place your finger on the notification bar and flick down to open the notification panel. You can also open the notification panel from the Home screen: Touch > Notifications to open the panel.2. On th
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152.6.4 Customizing the Home ScreenAdding a New Home Screen Item1. Touch and hold a blank area on the Home screen until the Add to home screen menu is displayed. You can also touch > Add on the Home screen to display the Add to home screen menu.2. Select an item to add it to the Home screen.Movin
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162.6.7 Changing the Wallpaper1. On the Home screen, touch > Wallpaper.2. Touch the following menu items to select a picture and set it as the wallpaper:• Gallery• Live wallpapers• Wallpapers2.6.8 Changing the Theme1. On the Home screen, touch > Home settings.2. Do any of the following:
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172.8 Using a microSD Card2.8.1 (Optional) Installing the microSD CardYour mobile phone is already equipped with a large-volume built-in embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC). If you want to expand your phone memory, you can also insert a microSD card1. Remove the battery cover.2. Insert the microSD card i
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182.8.3 Removing the microSD Card1. On the Home screen, touch > Settings.2. Scroll down the screen, and then touch Storage > Unmount SD card.3. Carefully remove the microSD card.3 CallingTo make a phone call, you can dial a number using the keypad or touch a number saved in your contact list,
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193.1.2 Making a Call from Contacts1. On the Home screen, touch > Contacts to display the contact list.If you are already working with Dialer or Call log, touch the Contacts tab.2. In the list, touch the contact you want to call.3. Touch to dial the phone number.3.1.3 Making a Call from Call log1
Page 24
203.2.3 Rejecting an Incoming CallDrag to the left to reject the call. You can also drag up the bar at the bottom of the screen to reject a call and send the caller a message.3.3 Other Operations During a Call3.3.1 Making a Conference CallIf you receive a new call while you are already on a call, yo
Page 25
213.3.2 Switching Between CallsIf you receive a new call while you are already in a call, you can switch between the two calls.1. While you are in the first call and the second call comes in, answer the incoming call, and then touch Manage calls.2. The current call is placed on hold and you are conn
Page 26
221. Connect the TTY device to the headset jack of the phone and set the phone to the TTY mode.2. Make or answer calls as normal.3. When the call is put through, use the TTY device to send or receive the letters.4. Press the End to end the call.3.6.2 Setting the TTY Mode1. Touch > Settings > C
Page 27
234.2 Adding a Contact1. In the contact list, touch > Create contact.2. If you have more than one account with contacts, touch the account to which you want to add the contact.3. Enter the contact's name, and then add detailed information such as phone number and address.4. When you are fini
Page 28
244.6 Editing a ContactYou can make changes to the information you have stored for a contact at any time.1. In the contacts list, touch and hold the contact whose details you want to edit, and then touch Edit contact in the options menu.2. Touch the category of contact information you wish to change
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254.8 Deleting a Contact1. In the contacts list, touch and hold the contact that you want to delete, and then touch Delete contact in the options menu.2. Touch OK to confirm that you want to delete the contact.4.9 StreamsStreams is a client that integrates social networking service (SNS) functions o
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262. On the account screen, touch Social Preference Settings to configure the settings.4.9.4 Adding the Streams Widget to the Home ScreenTouch and hold the blank area of the Home screen. In the displayed menu, touch Add widget > Streams to add Streams to the Home screen.Using the widget, you can
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27• When editing a group, touch , and then touch Add Members to select the contacts you want to add to group.4.11 Joining and Separating ContactsYou may have duplicate contacts if you import contacts by:• Adding an account, such as a Gmail account.• Using the social networking services such as
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284.12 Sending ContactsYou can send contacts as a .vcf file via Bluetooth or Email.1. In the contacts list, touch .2. Select contacts that you want to send.3. Touch Send.4. Select the way you prefer to send the contacts you have selected, for example Bluetooth or Email. You can send one contact by a
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295.1.2 Using the Android Keyboard On the Home screen, touch > Settings > Language & keyboard > Android keyboard > Voice input to turn on or turn off voice input.5.1.3 Using the Landscape KeyboardIf you find the keyboard inconvenient or difficult to use, turn your mobile phone sidewa
Page 34
305.1.4 Using the Landscape Keyboard5.2 Customizing Keyboard Settings1. On the Home screen, touch > Settings > Language & keyboard.2. In Keyboard settings, select an input method to customize the keyboard settings.Cursor: To enter an upper character of one key, press first and then the des
Page 35
316 MessagingThe Messaging application allows you to exchange text messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) with anyone using an SMS-or-MMS-capable phone. With the Email application you can read and send emails.6.1 SMS and MMS6.1.1 Opening MessagingTouch > Messaging.6.1.2 Creating and Sending
Page 36
326.1.3 Creating and Sending a Multimedia Message1. Touch > Messaging > New message. 2. Enter a phone number in the To field, or touch to select a contact from Contacts or Groups.3. Touch the composition text box to start entering your message.4. Touch to display the options panel.Touch Add su
Page 37
336.1.5 Replying to a Message1. In the message list, touch a text or multimedia message thread to open it.2. Touch the text box to compose your message. Once finished, touch . You can also do the following to reply to a message: Touch > Multiselect, select one or more message threads, and touch R
Page 38
343. Enter the account name and the name you want other people to see when they receive an email from you.4. Touch Done. Adding Other Email Accounts1. After creating your initial email account, touch on the Inbox screen, and then touch More > Accounts to access the accounts screen.2. Touch on the
Page 39
356.2.5 Replying to an Email Message1. On the accounts screen, touch the email account you want to use.2. Touch the email message to which you want to reply.3. Touch Reply or Reply all to reply to the email message.6.2.6 Deleting an Email Account1. On the accounts screen, touch and hold the email ac
Page 40
367 Getting Connected7.1 Mobile NetworksYour mobile phone will be automatically configured to use your network operator’s 2G/3G service (if available) when you turn on the phone for the first time. Note that the SIM/UIM card must be inserted (some CDMA mobile phones have an integrated UIM card and
Page 41
377.2.2 Connecting to a Wireless Network1. After turning on Wi-Fi, touch > Settings.2. Touch Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings. You will see a list of detected Wi-Fi networks in the Wi-Fi networks section.3. Touch a Wi-Fi network to connect to it.• If you select an open network, you w
Page 42
387.3 WPSThe Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) function simplifies the operations to set up Wi-Fi networks and configure network security settings. When connecting to a Wi-Fi network via WPS, ensure that the Wi-Fi access point to be connected supports the WPS function.7.3.1 Connecting to a Wireless Networ
Page 43
397.4 BrowserYour mobile phone comes with an Internet browser pre-installed.7.4.1 Opening the BrowserTouch > Browser to open the home page. When known or open Wi-Fi networks and mobile data networks are available at the same time, your phone will preferably select a Wi-Fi network for Internet acc
Page 44
407.4.3 Setting a Home Page1. In a browser window, touch .2. Touch More > Settings > Set home page.3. Enter the address of the desired home page, and then touch OK.7.4.4 Managing BookmarksYou can store as many bookmarks as you want on your mobile phone.Adding a Bookmark1. In a browser window,
Page 45
417.5.1 Turning On Bluetooth1. Touch > Settings.2. Touch Wireless & networks, and then select the Bluetooth check box to turn on Bluetooth. When Bluetooth is turned on, the Bluetooth icon appears in the notification bar.3. Touch Bluetooth settings, and then select the Discoverable to make you
Page 46
427.5.3 Sending Files via BluetoothWith Bluetooth, you can share pictures, videos, or music files with your family and friends. To send files via Bluetooth:1. Touch and hold the file to be sent in your mobile phone or SD card. The active options menu is displayed.2. Touch Share, then Bluetooth to se
Page 47
43Capture ScreenOn the capture screen, touch to show the capture panel.8.1.2 Taking a Photo1. Open your camera application and switch it to camera mode.2. If necessary, change the camera settings. The preview changes as you change the settings.3. Frame your photo within the photo capture screen.4. T
Page 48
448.1.4 Recording a Video1. Open the camera application, and then switch it to camcorder mode.2. If necessary, change the camcorder settings.3. Frame the scene with which you want to start your video.4. Touch to start recording a video.5. Touch to stop recording.8.1.5 Viewing Your Videos1. After rec
Page 49
453. Touch the screen. Then the zoom panel appears. You can zoom in or zoom out on the picture. The picture viewer supports the automatic rotation function. When you rotate your mobile phone, the picture adjusts itself to the rotation.8.2.3 Rotating a Picture1. When viewing a picture, touch to displ
Page 50
469 Google Services Availability of Google applications, services, and features may vary according to your country or carrier. Please follow local laws and regulations to use them.When you turn on your mobile phone for the first time, touch a Google services such as Talk, Gmail, or Play Store, and y
Page 51
479.2 GmailGmail is Google’s web-based email service. When you first set up your phone, you may have configured it to use an existing Gmail account or create a new account. The first time you open the Gmail application on your phone, your Inbox will contain the messages from your Gmail web account
Page 52
48• If you selected Reply or Reply all, enter your message.• If you selected Forward, specify the message recipients and add any additional text you want to include in the forwarded message.4. Touch to send, or touch to save as a draft.9.2.5 Customizing Your Gmail SettingsIn the mail list, touch
Page 53
493. After entering your message, touch Send.9.3.5 Setting Notifications for New Instant MessagesWhenever you receive an instant message, your mobile phone can play a sound, vibrate, or display an icon. To set up one of these handy notifications, start in the friends list, and then touch . Then touc
Page 54
503. In the My Location section, select the Use wireless networks check box, the Use GPS satellites check box, or both.9.4.2 Opening MapsOn the Home screen, touch > Maps to open the application.9.4.3 Searching for Places of Interest1. On the map, touch , and then touch Search.2. Enter the place y
Page 55
512. Enter a search keyword, and then touch the Search icon.3. You will see a number of search results displayed below the notification bar. Scroll through the results and touch a video to watch it.9.5.3 Sharing a VideoFrom the video list on the YouTube screen, select a video clip and touch More >
Page 56
52phone is synchronizing, a data synchronization icon will be shown in the notification bar.10.1 Managing Your AccountsYou can synchronize contacts, email, and other information on your mobile phone with multiple Google accounts or other kinds of accounts, depending on the applications installed on
Page 57
5310.1.2 Adding an Exchange Account1. On the Home screen, touch > Settings > Accounts & sync.2. Touch Add account > Corporate.3. Follow the instructions and enter the required information about the exchange account you want to add. For details, contact the server administrator.4. Touch
Page 58
5410.2.1 Configuring General Synchronization SettingsOn the Accounts & sync settings screen, do the following:• Select or clear the Background data check box to control whether applications and services can transmit data when you are not working with them directly (that is, when they are runni
Page 59
551. On the Home screen, touch > Traffic Manager.2. Enter the monthly traffic limit in the Monthly package field. 3. Touch Next.4. Enter the notification thresholds in the Set daily traffic reminder and Set monthly traffic reminder fields. 5. Touch Finish.6. You can now view your data traffic in
Page 60
5611.3.1 Opening CalendarTouch > Calendar to open the application. When you add a Google Account that includes a calendar service to your phone, you can access Google calendar: Touch , and then touch More > Calendars.11.3.2 Creating an Event1. In any calendar view, touch , and then touch New e
Page 61
5711.3.4 Setting Synchronization and Display1. In any calendar view, touch . Then touch More > Calendars.The Calendars screen displays all the calendars you have added or subscribed to for each account that is configured to synchronize events to your phone, organized by account. (Calendars for ac
Page 62
5811.4.2 Creating a Folder1. On the File Manager screen, access the directory in which you want to create a new folder.2. Touch to open the options panel, and then touch New folder.3. Enter the name of the new folder in the text box.4. Touch Save.11.4.3 Moving or Copying a File1. On the File Manager
Page 63
59 You can only compress files and folders into .zip files, but can extract both .zip and .rar files.Compressing Files1. On the File Manager screen, Touch , and then touch Multiselect.2. Select the files or folders you want to compress. When a file is selected, a check mark will appear.To select all
Page 64
60Clock opens with the date and time displayed on your Home screen wallpaper, along with your local weather and other useful information.11.5.2 Opening the AlarmsOn the Clock screen, touch to open the Alarms.Adding an Alarm1. On the alarm list screen, touch Add alarm.2. Set the alarm, and then touch
Page 65
6111.6.2 Switching Between Basic and Advanced panelOn the Calculator screen, flick the screen to the right or left to switch between Advanced panel and Basic panel.11.7 NotepadNotepad features a simple text processor. In the note list, you can add, edit, and delete notes.1. On the Home screen, touch
Page 66
626. Select or clear the Use 24-hour format check box to switch between 24-hour and 12-hour formats.7. Touch Select date format to select how you want the date to display on your mobile phone.12.2 Setting the Display12.2.1 Adjusting the Screen Brightness1. On the Settings screen, touch Display >
Page 67
633. Touch OK to save the adjustment.12.3.3 Changing the Phone Ringtone1. On the Settings screen, touch Sound > Phone ringtone.2. Touch the ringtone you want to use, and then touch OK. The ringtone plays when selected.12.3.4 Changing the Message Ringtone1. On the Home screen, touch > Messaging
Page 68
6412.5 Configuring Text-to-SpeechUse the Text-to-Speech settings to configure the Android text-to-speech synthesizer, for applications that can take advantage of this feature.12.5.1 Installing Voice Data1. On the Settings screen, touch Voice input & output > Text-to-speech settings > Insta
Page 69
6512.6.2 Protecting Your Mobile Phone with a Numeric PINYou can set up a numeric PIN to lock your phone.1. On the Settings screen, touch Location & security > Set up screen lock > PIN.2. Enter at least four characters.3. Touch Continue.4. Enter the same characters again and touch OK.To cha
Page 70
662. Touch an application, and then touch Uninstall.12.7.3 Moving an Application to the microSD CardSome applications are designed to be stored on your phone’s USB storage or microSD card (depending on the model of your phone), rather than in its internal storage. Others are designed so you can ch
Page 71
6712.8.2 Restoring Factory DataIf you reset your phone to the settings that were configured at the factory, all of your personal data stored on the phone, including information about your Google Account, any other accounts, your system and application settings, and any applications you have download
Page 72
6813 Appendix13.1 FAQHow Can I Use a microSD Card to Import Contacts to My Phone from a Different Mobile Phone?Your mobile phone only supports contact files in the .vcf format.1. Save the contacts you want to import to your mobile phone to a microSD card as a .vcf file.2. Insert the microSD card int
Page 73
69How do I return to the calling screen?While on a call, if you’re on another screen, you can touch the notification bar, and drag downwards to open the notifications panel. Then touch the current call notification to return to the calling screen.How do I create an application shortcut on the Home
Page 74
HUAWEI M660All the pictures in this guide are for your reference only. The actual appearance and display features depend on the mobile phone you purchase.Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.© Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2012. All rights res

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